Your laugh for the day


its about 4 inches or so round and about 6 foot long, ist’t supposed to look like an asian noodle, thats what its called


I like to use the noodle for Sandera for floor work :grin:
The noodle is so beautiful
And multitasking :grin:


you can slide one noodle in a sort of net and it acts like a seat in water, they sell them in Europe too :wink:



ok I am outta here


Maryy! Pun on your name, that is for you!


love this one!!

I said to myself I am not going to put anymore on here but here I am I thought this one was neat!
BORED!!! oh and I didn’t get them all either so have fun!!

Can you give the meaning, word or phrase, that each of the puzzles describe

  1. split personality

11 an under cover man
9 read between lines
7 tricycle

ok your turn


Shucks! That is hard :fearful:


05 shrinking violet

for all you disney fans out there :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


YES!! love that! and thanks for the laugh, sure did need it about now.


LOL this is really hard for non-native English speaker …

Trying …

8 The one out
10 See eye to eye (?)


It’s kind of sad, but it’s also funny :laughing:


4 = Richard?
2= Does the 2 have something to do with a compass?.. Quo Vadis perhaps?!



I wasn’t going to put anything else on here, but here I am again. heres your sign


So many of the K-drama tropes in one video :rofl: I laughed a lot with this video:


feyfayer; I did laugh!!

image|597x500 I dont have to worry about this


[quote=“frustratedwriter, post:318, topic:29321”]

image|597x500 I dont have to worry about this



:joy::joy::joy:how could you!!! it was all so nice and sweet till-- i completely cracked up!


oh my goodness today I spent about an hour on this page

and I do NOT regret it!! :joy:


I really love this one. It is funny.