Your laugh for the day


I had to look at the answers for the dingbat!
Even with the correction, I was “Huh??” for some of them!

Then I discovered all the other dingbats :skull_and_crossbones: Fun game!


ok, y’all this is from the good ole USA and from the south. some of you may not understand this but some may so enjoy the laugh

oh and have a great day, y’all hear?


Thanks for the laughs everyone! :joy:


would anyone understand this one?? heres your laugh for the day



I know :rofl:


Lol :joy::joy::joy: There gets the word
“quantity discount” A new meaning


LOL, well it’s not the singing show, but this Singer is old :rofl:


simi11, yep old!!

oops the last one shouldn’t be there


LOL, so many matrioshkas :wink: you can even play music with them, I couldn’t believe it until I saw it!!

there are many kinds of Theremin instruments that you actually do not touch to play, it must have something with waves to do… it’s a very old likely 100 years old invention…


put a smile on your face today




Why am I going crazy for that sharp dressed man??:rofl:


I thought someone would like it! hehehehe

so I am sexy!


At least somebody called me sexy :rofl:


ok y’all I do need some laughs today



:joy::joy: definitely made my day!




Today, I thought Irmar was speaking Chinese to me :joy: I had the same reaction when my Chinese teachers talk to me, but I couldn’t say 我不懂
Our topic was :yarn:

Today, I was running to come back home for a trial class in Chinese… 1 min late. Idk if they did a mistake when they emailed me the date because the date is supposed to be for next week :joy::joy::joy: Good thing is it’s online so I can just eat dinner :slight_smile:


I had to laugh at this one!!

fyi really??