Your laugh for the day


like genealogy, or a crochet pattern, or A quilt pattern or…

uh oh more halloween stuff!


uh oh another halloweeny one

sorry for being so boreing


dear, dear @frustratedwriter , I literally love coming here every day to see your posts :smile: they always manage to bring a tiny smile to my face
Maybe you think you’re boring because we don’t reply much? that’s cuz I can’t think up a witty enough remark to reply all the time :joy: but I do enjoy them all the same!


aaw thank you. ok heres one just for you

image and who would have thought that is what is wrong with me!!


Trust me I have been trying to stop but then I start another one. It’s like my lifeline and I can’t control myself. Guess I’m gonna have to live with that .:joy:And I really enjoy ur jokes , thank you for making me laugh everyday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush:


lost my way of transportation!


my 17 yo bet she doesn’t know these, love ya


I literally know only number 6., and that’s because of Tom and Jerry :joy:


the numbers look like computer programming, was the name Cobol… lol


I haven’t watched the series yet, but I found these really funny :laughing:


now that was cute!!

anyone remember this?..


ok y’all I cant bypass hobbies, thought this was cute




oh dear another one?

this isn’t a halloween one,


ok y’all this is better than I spout out genealogy!



ok thats enough for today, y’all have a great rest of your day!




image I laughed at this



image my pitbull doggie attitude


This scene from Rooftop Prince was so funny :rofl:


I made it in slightly, with candy cigarettes, you could have either chocolate or chewing gum, I was always for the chocolate ones. TV Testbild in German came along with a sound, so if you missed Sendeschluss (end of broadcasting) you would normally wake up to this sound.

45 RPM records I still have them at home once in a while I will take them out to listen to and all in hi-fi.

LOL I guess, I am qualified by one, other stuff was not that popular in Germany, or really long before my time.