Your laugh for the day


I loved Linus and his blanket

LOL the night Eddie became a toad, hahahaha

  1. Candy and chocolate cigarettes were very popular
  2. Soda pop machines that dispensed glass bottles
  3. Home Milk delivery in our neighbourhood
  4. Party lines on the telephone - very expensive and usually 19+
  5. Butch wax. One of my eldest uncles used this, kind of oldfashioned this guy :grinning:
  6. TV test patterns
  7. Peashooters - we had a Cherry tree in our garden, right next to our garage. So the neighbour’s cat always tried to catch the birds from the roof, this was very easy, they literally flew him into the mouth and I was waiting for the cat on our balcony, when I was a child. Every time this damn cat appeared I shoot peas and tried to chase it away in order to save the birds. When my mother catched me, she confiscated the peashooter and with my next pocket money I bought the next one. :joy:
  8. 45 RPM records are called “Singles” in Germany and I still have lots of them, we still have our old record player, too.


the seamstresses will get a kick out of this one! I did

ok one for halloween,






ok everyone, lets see , well first do y’all celebrate Halloween? then if so how about sharing some of your goodies??I tried to copy & paste this one earlier, hope this will work

looks like it didn’t, anyway person dressed like a witch, with a broom and on a Harley supposedly riding the broom


ok vikians that crochet, heres one for you!!

my sister sent me this one,





My husband always says “they already turned into ashes a very long time ago, why are you still interested in them??” :rofl:


we are just looking for the names and all, not the “ashes” or ghosts or… being I am interested, want to find who my family is and came from, so they ended here, I want to know who they are and where they came from, and yes I repeated myself.