Your laugh for the day


I hope y’all understand that one, some of our asian friends may not. let me know and will explain


I need it.


please explain :slight_smile:


LOL not only the Asian friends …


Charlies Daniels Band, did a song many years ago,

course this is a USA music, but you will understand when you hear this.

sol the devil lost the bet!





I love it when actors are able to do that…connect with the audience on every level! :exploding_head::heart_eyes: Some of them are seriously good, it hurts to see them hurt, when they smile you smile man that’s serious talent!



Waking up late for Chinese class!

My teacher and I are quite alike for this:

When I say hi, I tell her I just woke up because we live in different countries, we can only meet at that time of the day.
It happens I turn up late, and when it’s the case, I’m like duibuqi! Duibuqi! Sorry! Sorry!

When it happened, she laughed and told me: she also gives Spanish courses, when the lesson is really soon, she wakes up really fast and a few seconds later says hola to her student, ready to give her lesson.

We both had a great laugh when we told each other our story and she sees my sleepy head xd



I seen this and just had to share!!



ok so I am doing the spooky halloweeny stuff, but I hope it puts a smile on your face so heres another

ok so this isn’t halloweeny



I know I have put this on some time ago, but who can just pass this by, your smile for the day!!






love that one!!