Your laugh for the day


Now I liked that one!!

heres one about words

and no I don’t know some of those words! just thought I’d give you a laugh today


rofl, that looks hilarious :rofl:

A meme which happens to me ALL the time:


yeah!!! or a bowl or cup or glass etc etc etc!!


I admit I am a horder, got at least 10 of these, anyone else??


i admit to being completely flummoxed over this thingamebob you posted :joy::joy:


:rofl::rofl: thanks vivi_1485

I don’t know iof y’all celebrate Thanks giving like we do here in the USA, but to be sure you are thankful for anything. so enjoy this laugh for the day!!

one word. YIKES! hehehehe, something different??


Lol I’m currently eating breakfast and saw your pic :fearful:

No Thanksgiving here, but you are already in the mood!


yep. and will enjoy the day.


You can keep that special dish all to yourself, Mary! :wink: :open_mouth:

And no, Dutch people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving either. But I hope you’ll have a great one! :slight_smile: :ribbon:


well I really don’t plan to do that with MY turkey!!




I do know some of you don’t celebrate thanksgiving like we do here in the USA. but I thought I would share something funny with you, and hope this gives you a laugh

your laugh for the day, do you??


do y’all ever hold your breath when a character is drowning just to see whether its humanly possible to stay that long without losing consciousness? :joy: Most dramas haven’t passed that test yet lol


yes I have, and its weird to think that I would hold my breath with them!!


Nonsense! You’re just jealous of that drama character’s special talent! :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


hdehehehehe, I can hold my breath for 1 minute, maybe I am jealous too.


In H2O they can hold their breath for 15 minutes or so!


oh thats right!!


oh, the baby dressed up like a cowboy :heart_eyes: