Your laugh for the day




My trainer laughs at me EVERY time I lift weights! I can be quite silly sometimes but she thinks she is on Candid Camera. I always seem to trip or do something that makes HER laugh. Or I almost drop a weight on myself! hahahaha!


Iron Horse Helmet


ok I just seen this one and just had to share


I laughed at this, but then I realized that my husband has always wanted a dog, and I have always said no. He has gotten more persistent over time, so maybe I should be worried that he will eventually try to re-home me. :fearful:


Realization can save relationships :joy::smile:


:joy::joy: Shit happens
I would have reacted the same way :joy: :partying_face:


I have a lot of allergies - When I was tested to get allergy shots I told them - if I’m allergic to my animals you better find a good drug cuz I WILL not get rid of them. Luckily that is the only thing - I’m not allergic to - hahahahaha!


kdrama I also have allergies, and yes dog, no way I am goinmg to give it away, its my companion!!


What an adorable puppy! Those markings are amazing. And those blue eyes…:heart_eyes:


I thought so too. ok heres a strange plant for y’all

sometimes the void stares back


made from hay bales


at least a smile…

loved this one!!


That’s hilarious buy creepy at the same time. I have always wanted an all-black cat, but maybe I should rethink that when I think of all the times I might encounter just its eyes.


I agree, and spooky, what if it jumped out as well??? yikes!


I couldn’t wait to find out what the punch line was going to be, but it took me totally by surprise. :rofl:


Funny, cute, and scary all at the same time! :laughing:

Same line of thought!

That’s one guarantee, and it’s about to pounce! His/her tail is just swishing in slow mo’ :sob:


And plastic bags! Somebody was bored! :joy:


That exercise routine got me like


I had to read it twice, the second time I laughed!!!