Your laugh for the day


My whatsApp contacts already got the giggles :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I shared.


It looks like an Australian sheepdog breed, but this one has short hair.
This is the Australian breed:






White Truck of Doom on TikTok ( click link below)

now we wait for someone to trip right in front of it and save them :relieved: (


That’s too funny, beware of the white truck!


I did laugh, :smile: and he is either the ML wannabe, or the SML wannabe :sob::laughing::rofl: cute tiktok


Adorables :heart_eyes:


Too funny. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:




I was watching Choosing a Spouse by Lottery the other day. It’s rather interesting in that, ‘What if the government imposed a mandatory marriage lottery to stabilize the falling birthrate?’ What happens to the people caught up in this lottery?

The funny thing was in episode 1 when people were confronted by this new reality you could hear a prop plane flying ominously overhead reminiscent of a WWII bomber. :laughing:




Poor guy! No brotherly love there! lol


He thought it through :rofl::rofl: timed it! And, :anger: smack!:rofl: So cheeky!


I laughed, posted back in 2014, funny clip :laughing::smile:


Oh Gawd! :rofl:

I found this one online somewhere.

That’s 1,000 years of resistance right there. :sunglasses: :rofl:


Funny as all get out! :joy::rofl:
I saw it here I think, but probably posted a bit back, :rofl: too funny.