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I can’t tell you how relatable that is. Getting down is still such a piece of cake. Getting back up requires blueprints and a work crew. :rofl:


Both of the immediate above are from watching too many k-dramas. I always have the good sense to avoid the sit down, :face_with_hand_over_mouth: right at the moment before it occurs.


My level of self-awareness hasn’t evolved to that point yet. It’s only gotten so far as the moment I sit on the floor and immediately have the ‘oh crap’ realization of what I just did. :sweat_smile:

And what a profound story that is about the naked truth.


love it!!!


Very profound.



That’s hilarious and reminded me of a time when I unwrapped my takeout burrito and was greeted with this:

I had a really hard time taking the first bite. I almost couldn’t do it. :joy:




I ate a piece of chilli today :relieved:
:flushed: :flushed: :boom: :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:

I think 30 minutes later I still had a burning in my mouth. :joy::joy: Never again puuuh


:rofl: Reminds me of one time when I worked at a senior center. I was sitting at a table visiting and eating lunch talking about how chilis are good to eat with a meal. Especially since senior center food is on the bland side (Too many seniors don’t like flavor and complain when something is tasty) The guy across from me brought his own jalapenos to lunch. I told him, “Yes, those are good. I like them.”

He handed me a jalapeno, daring this blonde chick to eat it. I said thanks and took a bite, “Yum” and continued eating my lunch. He waited for me to tear up and go for water. I did not. I took another bite. “Thanks!” He raised his eyebrows. I laughed and told him I grew up eating chilis.

After that, he always brought some jalapenos to share.

My dad used to try to get me to cry uncle with hot horseradish. I’d just slather it on beef. He could not get me to tear up either. :laughing:



I admire that when someone can eat so spicy and not even tear or sweat. Your digestive system will be functioning perfectly.
:thinking: :crazy_face:
There has to be a certain amount of spice in food, but one bite of a chilli pepper is enough for me to overtax the inner thermometer :joy::joy:I


you can keep the anything hot stuff to yourself… i mean the chilies, jahalepino, etc…

not really a laugh, but a smile

This cute baby donkey was rejected by his mom after giving birth. So,he got this big teddy bear to be his forever friend…


this is do ever true today!



ok this is for our furry friends



Cuteness overload :smile_cat::dog2:


In the hospital, they gave me the wrong meal for breakfast. I hate wasting food so I ate it anyway even though I never eat oatmeal mush with milk ( :nauseated_face:) and plain old white bread and a glass of milk. :nauseated_face: It was so bland. and gave me indigestion - but that may have been because I am lactose intolerant and those pills only do so much for me. I still get the gut-gurgles.

If I ever eat breakfast it is something like an omlette or a breakfast burrito with salsa. pan-fried potatoes with onions and peppers, etc., OR, polenta with CHILI! Yea. I don’t care for bland food.



Do you ever wish for the White Truck to make a cameo?