Your laugh for the day


PERFECT for a weekday!


The dog and kitten . . . heart-melting!



Regarding your effort to keep grocery shopping fun . . .



:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ok ok…





:rofl::joy::rofl::sob::rofl::joy::rofl: Test your stupidity, insert $100.00 :joy::sob::rofl::joy::sob::rofl::rofl:


If you see a chicken with front, and back legs, make a run for it, that’s not a chicken! :rofl::rofl::joy::sob::joy::rofl:


That story by @frustratedwriter reminds me of the time I called in to order pizza and asked for a certain topping to be on half of the pizza. The person taking my order legitimately asked me which half of the pizza I wanted it on! :woman_facepalming:t4::joy:

A friend later suggested that maybe I could have gotten a free pizza if I had told them I wanted it on the left side but then later complained that it was on the right side after I received it.


oh my goodness! blowing someones mind for sure!!!


:rofl::joy::joy::laughing::joy::rofl: oooh! You certainly could have :rofl: with a question like that! :pizza::joy::sob::joy::rofl:


ah… I coulda shoulda used that at work… :smirk:

… and added the proceeds to my Bugatti purchase fund. :smirk:


It’s a cat wearing camouflage!


I never knew anything like this existed, until I solved another wordtrip spelling bee. :woman_shrugging:t5: You live, and you learn.


well I didn’t either. I was amazed with the paradise(?) flower


are we really ready for this??


another aaaaahhhhhh moment





I know some folks done spilled their cornbread batter and left it for the dog. (That would be everyone in politics that I can tthink of.)


At least it doesn’t smell like monkeys! :rofl:

Now, drive a clutch on these hills!

Oh, yea!

And to think I used to hike up and down these hills like nothing…