Your laugh for the day


I was looking for another laughing video I saw perhaps 6 years ago, was it from India?
There is such thing “laughing yoga” :rofl: Laughing is a healthy exercise also for you belly muscles and getting oxygen. I think it was Dr. Madan Kataria I saw this laughing yoga for the first time. There are indeed many forms of laughs :rofl: The long version:

Oh I found it, that’s the funny and short one!


I do remember those videos!! they were funny!

heres something you can laugh about

do y’all remember star trek voyager? In one episode, somehow everyone was in pain, and seven of 9 seen the culprits, and she was the only one not affected, somehow through it all the crew was saved from the pain… anyway, my thoughts went to that show this morning. those creatures attacking my arm like anything this morning! aaawwwwwww yeah we know it’s the weather…
thought I’d give you a laugh have a great day!!! may not be muchbut lifting spirits of people is what I like to do


here it is, a “new coffee pot!”




Which one :rofl::rofl::rofl:


an awwwwww moment


Rescued Tabby Helps Care and Nurse Baby Goat Back to Health


thats me!!!


don’t unfriend me, and don’t forget I used to be a blonde

! A blonde female bought herself a new Mercedes. She could drive the car during the day, but at night the car wouldn’t move at all. She tried driving the car at night for a week with no luck.

Furious, she called the dealership, told them the problem and they sent a

mechanic to the house. The mechanic gave the car a thorough inspection

and could not find anything wrong.

Eventually, he asked the blonde, " Are you sure you’re using the right gears?"

“Of course I am. I’m not stupid. I use “D” during the day and “N” at night!”

where do these people get these crazy things?? y’all good night


I need to find something cute… Found it!

of all things. PETA is suing the photographer on behalf of the monkey. :roll_eyes:


Somebody you know? I LOVE cardinals!



A nice walk - ruined by a little white ball!!!

I saw this on a t-shirt


ok for a friday morning, cool & crisp heres one, an awwwwwww moment

misswillowinlove, no one I know, cardinals, angels among us



aHH! If ONLY I could remember that next time I buy bird seed! :rofl:


This is a beautiful photo. I plant to cross-post to guess where because it provides great food for thought and inspiration. I have generally positive feelings toward PETA because there are too few animals, domestic or wild, who are truly well-cared for in our modern world. But this definitely, IMHO is a waste of everyone’s time and money, and Naruto doesn’t care.

Time for The Common Sense Club, Southern US Branch, to tell it like it is.

Time for a Truth Bomb! Release The Imprecation!

“Why b---- your heart, you you are entirely less than sanguine about the value of the average person’s time!”


It’s an invocation of powerful forces that cannot be unsaid once said, but it’s got to be done. PETA has taken things to a point that they are no longer personal or ecological, they are blatantly political. WE all wear pleather SOMETHING these days, and WE all know better that to leave things powered by lithium batteries out where wild animals (or for that matter children) can get at them and eat them.

But does Naruto the macaque care about whether or not his photo is on the Internet or in a book? No, of course not.

Break out the sacred Imprecation! Let’s call down the power of Common Sense! It’s now or never!


Well, you know. PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. :upside_down_face:


Let’s find our fans whose profile look just like a catnip in this photo :rofl::rofl:


Oh, dear. Something tells me you may need to contact the Hottie University School of Law . . .