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I have met a few ppl. like that in my life; they were raised in the Christian Church and one day, they decided that they hate church, GOD or anything that has to do with what he/she was brought up to believe in. Since I never judge ANYONE I never asked them what made them turned into such bitter person and blamed the GOD they worshipped for all the bad things that happened in their life.

I have been in those shoes asking GOD why if I believed in HIM so many horrible things happened to me when I was young, and…you want to know something? To this day: I still haven’t gotten an answer. I have noticed that during my fit of anger, and questioning what I feel is a cruelty of life allowed by GOD, some kind of miracle just happen in my life, and my FAITH gets renewed.

HE has loved me unconditionally, imperfect as I am , and I have to learn to love HIM the same way, but it will take a bit more time for me bc in this imperfect shell of body of mine there will always be too much rotted doubt, insecurity, unfaithfulness and on and on…but I know that I don’t need a church, a temple to look for him and find HIM bc I am his temple and HE is in me the rock that edifies me as I stumble and fall and HE gives me his righteous right hand and picks me up…one more time and always tells me,

“My son, my precious child,
I love you and I would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering,
when you see only one set of footprints,
it was then that I carried you.”


Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with me.

For years, I have had Psalm 34:22 as my “life verse.” I memorized it in the KJV version because it is so poetic.

The Lord redeemeth the soul of his servant, and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate."

Your testimony of God’s faithfulness has reminded me of that today.


all of that was quite interesting, I don’t want to be offensive or anything, I’d like to know more about these other religions, even though I am a Christian, you didn’t put agnostic or skeptic. as far as I know, I haven’t met any, except the atheist, skeptic, or agnostic. who is to say “God”, or “Jesus” didn’t walk with these guys, my son says think out of the box, well that’s my thoughts.

anyway, I still will believe John 3;16, and the rest, I do like reading about those other religions, they have some good messages, right along with Jesus, when in doubt just ask and you will find the answer, or get the answer.
oxygen, we don’t see it but its there, God is like that too.
the Bible says believe by faith, If it wasn’t for God this past few weeks, I would be in a worse mess than I am in, He brought me through my storm!! and I praise God for that, miracles you say? you opened your eyes this morning, didn’t you? some didn’t make it…

there are a lot of people think & believe theres no God, and so many questions can come about with that, But I’d rather believe in almighty God, than not, there was something written and now I wish I could have kept it, I am going to try and say it.

a college professor, stood up in his class, bragging “if theres a God” why don’t he knock me down? well a few seats in the back, a young man came up to the professor and struck him down. The professor, asked him “why did you strike me down” the young man stated something, I struck you down because God is protecting my troup who is serving our country in Afghanistan, and he was a former Marine. so God uses people and small things to do his work.

I don’t think I did it justice. Maybe I can find it again. this was a good conversation, C S Lewis as far as I recall also a skeptic or something like that. amazing how we pay attention to people like that.

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You did it much justice! That’s how I remember seeing it too, except they may have made the reply a little more direct :wink::+1:t5: the important thing is the story is intact. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m still praying for my life partner and hoping neither of us will be THAT old when he finally shows up.

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Oh my word, that describes me trying to get anything done around my house. Or sometimes, I know that starting a project is only going to lead to this kind of thing, so I avoid starting the project in the first place.





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