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Be on the lookout!!!



y’all I’m outta here for awhile!!


Mijoo is such a chaotic ball of energy :rofl: Poor Hyunmin :laughing:
I can picture Yu Jaeseok shaking his head in the background and just sighing. Hahaha he must be happy that he doesn’t have to film with the crazy siblings for a while (Sixth Sense) :laughing:


I REMEMBER those reruns! It was a cute show! I’d rewatch those again/.


Make sure you keep your arm rested. Focus on healing you first!
:wink::joy: Good thing he asked why they needed a flashlight :flashlight::joy::rofl::rofl::joy::rofl:


sure would love to find those old ones like that!

well I looked, 1. my dramalist nope, 2 IMDB found a lot of links, but pricey, 3 of course Amazon prime, from to buy 36. oo 4 to rent wow, make a killing on those! still going to try & find,


That sound ideal, the question is if the climate is prospective for these seeds since we get some food imported and it comes from other climate countries… I planted lemon and apple seeds and lemon just grew a plant stalk… and apple was so tiny… so it might not always work as on would wish…

I save in particular cherry pits but sometimes use also prune pits and make small pillows that I heat in micro for a minute or 2 depending on your watts. I use this pillow in bed when I’m cold or have a stomach ache or muscle injury. After some time you have to replace the pillow fabric as it gets stained slightly.


but lots of peroxide unhealthy shoes

In the mid 60’s I was going to a wedding, I was about 7/8 and had shoulder long hair. Mom sent me with grandma to hair dresser and the woman kept on cutting my hair and I was getting so unhappy, my hair was so short like Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, I was so mad, I looked like a boy!!! And I still get mad thinking of it… I’m not sure why grandma didn’t intervene… :cry:



That was so fun, I grinned through the whole thing, :joy:fun!


ok here we go! November 1!!


how’s this one??!
owl made with pumpkins



this was too funny to pass it by



Both of the above, O! Man!:rofl::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:
I just found out about the spray bottle :joy::joy::rofl::joy: If you don’t know, they use spray bottles to make house cats behave, probably filled with water :rofl::joy::joy::rofl:


When will we be free!?! Chains :chains: on a :statue_of_liberty:NYC :bus: bus. :thinking:






Crying me a river of laughing tears :joy::sob::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Reading this on a smart phone, designed in South Korea, Vietnam, China, or Japan? :japan: :rofl: Hmmm. . . I rightly don’t know for sure :thinking::sob::rofl: