Your laugh for the day


Well, I’m jealous of you: at least you HAVE an oven!!! :rofl:


Ithe Celcius one got to me!! , I thought 90 degree weather could fry an egg on the sidewalk, thats a lot of numbers!


If you want to laugh some more: I was just subbing and I had to translate “The vegetables are organic”, yet in Dutch I almost wrote:

The vegetables are vegetarian! :rofl:

Although, in reality, you shouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t …


De groenten zijn vegetarisch? :rofl:

Btw, a mistake I tend to hear Dutchies make a lot is with ‘biologisch.’

Then they say: this is biological instead of organic :rofl: Dutch-isms.


Precies! :rofl:

Yes! But at least they’re not asking for “skinny milk”! :wink:

Lol, when I was living in Finland I used to explain to my Canadian flatmate how we Dutch people say things. Things like:
“There’s a stain sitting on your shirt”! :joy:
And she explained to me why the word “chair” could refer to a person. :sweat_smile:


yeah, now to the English words? there,their, they’re, read (I read that) read did you read that. and so on, so confusing, !!


Our English teacher back in school used to teach us this sentence:

They’re there in their car. :laughing:


has any one ever done this? I woke up this morning, trying to find my lamp to flick on, I got the window shade, and the wall, well of course I am not fully awake, so I fully discovered I am on the other side of my bed, not the side I usually get up on, I rolled over to the other side, found my lamp, sat at the edge of the bed and laughed!! you may not laugh about this, but I did, so my laugh for the day!!


It’s funny how we go on auto-pilot when we aren’t fully awake


I recently started to watch TwoSetViolin videos and I find them hilarious. They have a lot of inside jokes that might go over your head when you first start watching, but they do explain a lot of the technical things though.

I discovered classical music humour is right up my alley :laughing: Brings back memories :blush:

Some of the clips included in the video below are cringe, others are funny (feel so bad for the guy at 2:33 though):

Roasts of instrument portrayals in a Chinese drama:

They recently started to play compositions from their fans (not practiced). One composed a song for Swiss Rolls (the first one, it’s beautiful) :rofl: :


Mary, you are not alone, many weird and funny things (mistakes and decisions) happen to us daily without wanting them to happen… just go with the flow and laugh about, it’s the best medicine although there is sometimes a price to be paid when you throw away something you shouldn’t have yet, like a receipt or mail, lol.
“Don’t sweat the small stuff, but smell the flowers”, Stay strong!


That’s hard to remember, especially if you get introduced to several people at the same time.
If it’s just one person, maybe next time you can ask the person to spell their name for you. Maybe that way it sticks better into your brain. :slight_smile:


Ah, you watch them too! Hehe their recent ‘battle’ with Davie104 was too funny.

And the violin video you posted…well, I watched that before I watched the drama, and I found myself asking ‘where have I seen this before?’, and it was from TwoSet!


So are you a LingLing or do you need to practice 40 hours? :rofl:

They recently posted this one and I’m getting flashbacks to when they roasted the recorder community and the recorder players came for them :laughing:


Sadly, I am not a LingLing :sob::joy: My passable musical skills came only after eight years of practice, and the most I would practice in a day was around one hour.

The poor triangle! TwoSet really does love roasting other instruments :sweat_smile: They really have a grudge against the viola–they are always making it the butt of their jokes.


Hahaha at least it is passable :smile:
I think I lost mine… I got rid of my instrument so can’t practice even if I had the time lol :sweat_smile:.

I do like that the viola community takes it so well, although… I have been seeing a lot more viola-related videos in my YT recommended lately. I haven’t watched them yet though :thinking: :laughing:


every month has 28 days






was that a vampire that was staked in the heart and the tree grew??