Your laugh for the day


Haha, the nearest destination from the list except staying home.
And the one foreign city I have visited the most. Yet, at the moment as far as Jamaica, Thailand, Australia …


I made an edit of the calculating your destinations picture. I hope you like it.


I get to stay home and probably everyone else will, too. Made me laugh @frustratedwriter this is a good one!


thank you aurora for the change


One thing I forgot, sing, laugh, give, smile


I seen this and just had to share.

#2 you know you are addicted to genealogy when you are more entertained in what happened in 1820
.than in 2020. well looks like I am addicted


what animal is always at a baseball game??

a bat
and way I understand that is not an animal, but called something else.

more to laff about!!




I needed this today, I hope this is ok to share.


Hey y’all I need some laughs today so come on give!!! get me out of this funky mood


We all have to keep smiling xxx


the caption was don’t ask me how I got home


something warm comfy cozy hope yuou like


774 degrees? I assume Fahrenheit?
I still imagine that would be a lot :laughing:

Edit: it’s really hot these days though :tired_face:


“What do you do for a living?”
“I dance on piano’s”


The comment section for this video was funny.

They even do K-pop songs :laughing:


Don’t worry, it’s not that much. :wink:



Hahaha it’s only 1.65 times the temperature of my oven :laughing:


If you go to the place where they have the 774 F, then you can bake your cake on the street! :rofl:


I think I’d burn my cake. Hmmm time for pizza :wink:


So you think pizza works better with that temperature? :joy:


Yeah :wink:
I’m jealous of those people that have a 500 C oven to bake their pizza in. It takes 60 - 90 secs. I have to settle for 250 C