Your laugh for the day




I was at the grocery store earlier today, selecting some green onion leaves and cilantro. A cart rolls up near me and I gently pull it closer. I looked up and the lady was NOT my mom. :sweat_smile: I gently and ashamedly push the cart away saying, “oh no, wrong cart”… I look over to the side and her SON WAS STARING AT ME. I was so embarrassed I started laughing whilst saying sorry! He laughed too! I turned around awkwardly, and just pretended to deliberate my selection of veggies. I tried not to dive head first into the cilantro and bury myself.

It kind of felt like a Kdrama moment though hahahaha Still can’t think about it without laughing. :rofl:


Snow Band. ![:sunglasses:




“. . .forgetting a momoment,
my place on the menu. . .”

Hmmmm :thinking: on the menu? Who, what?:woman_shrugging:t5:


I thought it alluded to dying/being dead, as in being worm food when we’re buried? :scream:
Not today, worms! Not today!


Oh! :open_mouth:! Yup not today!


I first saw it floating, once it read it’s a wet spot, :smile: I just see both! :laughing:


leeria73, me too!! the wet spot


In this shorts vid:

The slot took notes, but still got a lift :smile:



Right back at ya’!


awwwww thank you!!



I felt bad for the person in the middle :laughing:.




My laugh of the day is that I’m back on Viki :smiley: No idea if anyone missed me though hahahaha.
The break was longer the expected because first I needed a break and then because my mac was so old (from 2009) all tools etc stopped working on Viki s all I could was borrow my dad’s laptop to atleast make 500 contributions so my VikiPass didn’t expire which was a pain because I’m not used to Windows anymore. But I have a new Mac now so I will be back to volunteering soon :slight_smile:


well here is one that has missed you!!! and why should it be a laugh for the day? cause of an old computer, come on!!