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We definitely missed you!!! Dudie!!!

Dudie is here!


The second to last :rofl::rofl::joy: has been me since Sunday, I put it down to gas in my lower spine, caused from eating foods I haven’t in a while, sleeping on a very hard mattress, and turning my body too suddenly. I’m almost back to fluid movements, but the memory of the pain :joy::sob::rofl: causes me to move with conscious caution :laughing::face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:


You were missed @dudie, welcome back! :blush: :hugs:


Oh wow great news! Thank God she was okay all this time away from here. I hope we get same good news about @irmar.

WELCOME BACK, @dudie. Glad you are okay was worried about you bc of the pandemic but am so glad you are back here in good health.


Aw, yes the pandemic and the lockdowns. It really wasn’t good for my mental health at some point but I’m doing better now. The reason why I needed a break from Viki was because I had the feeling I became too invested in Viki again. Got my Pfizer booster about 2 weeks ago and also started with my new job last week :slight_smile:


I had to think about this one




In my case it is a cat, but you could find me in any one of those positions on any given night with him. LOL


I used to have one, but he went to kitty heaven , and yes took up space!!


Small dogs tell me about it. I’m used to big dogs and 3 months ago my best big furry friend died, now we have a new small furry friend. A puppy of about 4 months old now and oh boy he’s a handful. He isn’t allowed to go upstairs where the bedrooms are but if he was able he would totally do that :rofl:


woke up to snow this morning! pretty, about 2 inches



Welkom terug :smile:



and guess the younger generation doesn’t understand, LOVEBUG for our generation


Dank je :slight_smile:



for our snow here where I am



That’s one morbid rooster :rooster: if he was naive, I can only imagine the shock he experienced ಥ_ಥ\(´;︵;`)


Do you know that this is a kannada alphabet?
The sound is " tha "