Your most favorite drama posters


100 Days My Prince

Love the way he’s looking at her, here.

After posting a few posters here, I have realized that there is a certain color palette and/or photo effect that I appear to be drawn to.


I think this is filmed much like a storybook - I love it! It went in my Cinematography Collection


This poster just came out for the upcoming drama “The Red Sleeve Cuff”. It’s so lovely.



Yes I saw this - this morning! The story is so interesting that he falls for her and wants her to be his concubine.


I was looking through pictures and came across the Flower of Evil poster…

I love how meaningful it is. The dark color palette, the way both their eyes are fixed on each other, the way she’s handcuffed to him but still holding his hand(probably symbolic of the way she’s desperate to know him, who he really is). The way she’s a detective but she’s handcuffed him to her. Showing she wants him to receive justice but she wants him near her at the same time. Her determination and persistence. The way he’s handcuffed but his eyes are looking into hers, oblivious to the cuffs. The poster tells such a wonderful story.



I really love these posters from Melancholia!





Upcoming Junho drama - Another great poster. He is looking at her in the library - Whoosh!

Red Sleeve Cuff


I don’t recall how the poster of On The Way to the Airport looked like, but the first two posters here just give me that vibe.


These have the same vibes as Youth Of May’s! Lee Do Hyun must really love autumn-y melancholic dramas… Unfortunately for me, even my love for LDH can’t make me like the genre :neutral_face:



My country: the new age


the second one is very Goblin-esque :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like that feeling! hahaha



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