Your most favorite drama posters


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The Longest Promise





Just started this one and love the posters:


Again My Life

LJG’s aura is just amazing :heart_eyes:

One more… ahhhh guys look so awesome in black formalsss :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


He looks dashing in suits. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I miss his dramas but I didn’t watch Flower of Evil. Not the biggest fan of melodrama. Maybe, Again My Life, is different. Might check it out.


Yeah, he usually does romances and pure action dramas in alternate years(I adore him in both, not gonna lie - Flower of Evil was one of my favorites). Since it was romance last time, this might have very very minimal to no romance.


His characters are always complex. He play these type of roles well.

I miss him in Saegak though. It’s been a while.

edit: lol my typo at first hahaha


hmmm… haven’t seen in him in one yet because his sageuks are all so old… Arang and The Magistrate is on my watchlist because the pairing is a dream but the reviews keep dissuading me

It’s Sageuk :sweat_smile:


Oh! Hahaha no one ever corrected me. Now I know :laughing:

You should watch, Scholar Who Walks The Night. He’s such a hot vampire. :hot_face: It’s kinda old but I like the visuals. Lee Soo Hyuk is a hot vampire in it too. Lol


All right, you have convinced me :joy: Let me just wait for when I’m in the mood to watch a drama for nothing but the handsome cast XD


The poster from JCW’s upcoming drama is gorgeous.


I found this poster and I really like how they set all the elements, I think that it reflects the idea of the drama which is pretty amazing.


Love Between Fairy and Devil