2021's QC gift!

Already got it from March

did you receive any mail ?
did you give them your address?

I filled out the form on time, but never received anything such as a tracking number or the package in general


I believe there’s a problem somewhere along the process of your form-filling and their capture of it. As we know well by now, there have been quite a number of glitches so far. Unfortunately, that’s how technological advances can be. It, too, isn’t infallible, just as humans are not.

I suggest you send one of the Viki Comm team members a message. Only they can help you resolve this problem. I hope you’ll get your well-deserved QC gift soon.:four_leaf_clover:

PS: Weird that vikibot could auto edit our posting? It removed my “quote” of previous poster. Weird. :thinking:


I have to say that perhaps the mailing company is a bit… hmm perhaps not efficient.
They changed my city to different city both have same zip code but are 2 different towns, so it went first there. It’s really a mystery, my package envelope had 3 labels on it and the 4th blank was taped over the 3rd one… so I don’t know what really happened to the shipping… why the confusion. I also never received any email with a tracking number…


I had received a message with the tracking number only when the package was in the hands of the Greek courier agency. They sent me via Viber the tracking number.


I’ve received a form about 1 mouth before where I had to confirm again my email as QC and my address. Then I’ve received a tracking mail 2days before it was delivered at home. But the sender was unknown and my mailbox put it on spam so I was thinking I didn’t received any tracking mail.

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