A healthy hint for us thats stir crazy!

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I like all those snacks, so naturally delightful! She recently posted another gem. :heart:

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A combination of exercise, and what you eat.

Protein’s original source: A clear contrast, so clear! - watch, and listen here, or see transcript below. :ok_hand:t5:

This is incredible! :smiley::grinning::star_struck: This is repeated proof, know what is in the food you put in your body.


Plants give us so much more than we think. I knew about nasturtium, It is a nice covering plant with colorful blooms. They are tasty in salads if you like spicy things. But there is more in this healing powerful plant, apparently discovered first in South America.


How to Make Jamaican Bulgur Wheat Porridge:

Healthy Irish Moss/Sea Moss Drink:

How to make Jamaican Plantain Porridge:

:watermelon: No, I’m not trying to say anything, :rofl: just passing on a Macka B’s. :rofl: Good info though. . .:watermelon:


The healthy V iagra, lol, this made me so laugh :rofl: V iagra is also a censured word, omg this is abnormal. One cannot type English anymore.

Sounds tasty with different spices and I’ve never tried with Bulgur. I would probably do the coconut milk with oat at the end. For one portion this should be faster.

I’ve never heard of Irish Moos Gel, is this a new power food fad :wink:


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: So true.

Since I rarely have this wheat, (Bulgur) whenever I do, my body craves it, maybe for the nutrition it provides.
This past week, I went and bought Bulgur wheat. :blush:

I’m doing it myself for the first time, it is so easy to prepare! They had the fine one, but I went with the coarse wheat.

No, it’s always been a staple, at least in Jamaica. :jamaica: :blush: My brother says his method is to boil, but he thought it good to blend, after seeing the video.
@simi11, @jadecloud88,
Dr. Bobby Price delve into the benefits of sea moss. The Atlantic :ocean: is the best location from which to get your sea moss.


:blush: I’ll include this link. :wink:
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Two drinks. Drink to your health!

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The mix of her ingredients are interesting!
There is a place in Portsmouth in NH Juicery where you can get fresh Juices of many varieties, Last time I had something with red beet, ginger and something, sooo good!!
They started in a very tiny spot and have extended since then and it got pricey now as I see…

Here comes the so often asked question which is healthier, “Smoothie or Juice”?
I’ve always been a proponent of Smoothies, why?

  1. Skins of fruits and some veggies contain more vitamins.
  2. Fiber is good for your intestines.

Therefore, peeling a carrot, cuke or apple isn’t recommended. I was cringing at her peeling the ginger, so much ginger gets lost… And at last when juicing fruits it creates more sugar than if you eat the fruit…

Juicing is indeed ideal for detoxing and cleaning for a short period of time. And yes water should be drunk plenty… I even have to remind myself to drink more water in winter!

I learnt when doing smoothies, that fruits are the smallest part of filling because of the sugar… in particular when you do daily green smoothies… I can attest that starting with a green smoothie gave me more energy… after settling in my apartment I want to start again… doing smoothies or juicing requires frequent fresh veggies… meaning often shopping or prepare in bags and freezing…


:smile::smile: Thanks for the laughs, as you shared your thoughts.
I prefer smoothies, and I said the same about her peeling the ginger. :smile:

I’ll drop this in the “This or That game,” and see what the votes say. :blush:

I’ve had the same experiences, and results with everything you’ve shared

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