Abandoning a project as a moderator

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I had the opposite of what was discussed in this discussion.

I still haven’t found a solution for this problem, so here I go:
One project I was asked to do is a Taiwanese drama. It’s a fairly long drama and I told the CM who asked me, that I would start when I finished the drama I was working on at the time (which was also a long drama), mainly by myself.

I tried to recruit Dutch subbers for that drama, but there aren’t many of us and many prefer the shorter dramas. I told the CM this as well and that we should maybe put the project on hold till there’s interest from the Dutch public and to leave the position open. They told me that they would keep me on as mod.

Several months later, I wanted to start working on the drama, but it was blocked in my region. I told the CM this, and to remove me from the moderator position, since 1) it was blocked for me, 2) I didn’t have time to complete the drama anyways since I was going on a hiatus and 3) I wasn’t actively recruiting nor subbing the drama. They said no.

I recently tried to contact the CM again, with a message that I would like to be removed from the project as a moderator, but still… no response. I will give the benefit of the doubt, because all the inbox problems we’d been having. I also asked other mods whether they had interest, but no luck.

I’m also going to be on hiatus beginning of next year, so I’m finishing up all the projects I have right now.

But my question is: what’s your advice on what to do in this situation?

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For the subject of being removed as a moderator and the CM does not comply I contact Viki. I did this too since several old channels who were accessible only to QCs it seems, so on-air subbers take no interest and newbies can’t access now where regional restricted, and I am not interested in having dramas “on my contribution list” unable to do anything. I am not collecting “decals”. I had some older projects in mind as I enjoyed them from earlier years as a viewer, but … Life happens, you know …
I couldn’t carry on subbing I put it on the main page of my language, that I wanted to give the project to “someone with skill, time and patience”, since not too many want older projects. If anyone had contacted me to take them over I would have, on some channels I did but it was either the movie channels or channels who were closer to completion.
Good luck on your “mission”! Hope you can make a clean cut and might be back eventually.


That’s exactly why I quit being an Dutch mod or subber. It’s too much to do alone and it’s hard to find people who can help, stay committed and deliver good quality. This week I happened to land on a Dutch subber profile, don’t remember her name, and her subs where full of mistakes. Or they where to literal, the wrong grammar structure and she had trouble with “de” and “het”. I could see she was trying her best but it would take a lot of time to edit. So now when I take a mod position it’s to help out a friend, I tell them I don’t sub but they want to make sure the subbing has a good quality so they asked me to keep an eye on that.

Maybe you can ask Viki to remove you or can’t you remove yourself?


Yes exactly. I do feel bad for not completing them, but life happens, and people should respect that :slight_smile:

I have encountered subbers, who meant well, but need to learn a lot when it comes to subbing, for example, Dutch-isms or translating the sentence word for word. One of my friends is helping me with the drama and our editing guidelines is that we check all the “de/het woorden” with a dictionary, to be sure :sweat_smile: Even then it’s not perfect…

I’ll do that. I’ll contact the other CM to see if they react and if not, I might ask Viki or remove myself ^.^

I would give you guys likes… but I’m all out. Tomorrow :wink:

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This is also a problem for turkish communities and why i wont be a turkish mod because i can’t do this alone as well :frowning: I feel with you guys

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I contacted the second CM and she took care of it.
I feel relieved :smile:


I really wish there was an option to remove oneself from a project. It’s MY contributions list… WHY should it be entirely controlled by other people? I’ve recently wanted to remove a project from my contributions list… Of course I couldn’t, so I contacted the Help Center but as usual no reply. Maybe someday they will… although I personally believe this won’t happen.


I wished that too, when projects go into regional restriction I want to leave as it won’t be coming back, or rarely comes back. The problem is that still on some channels I am noted on the main page as for whatever reason no one could take it off.

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It happened to me too. Once I asked to moderate a project, my name appeared on main page, but I was never added to the team. Later I asked CM to remove my name since I have no access, but it’s almost one year now and my name is still there…

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Try again, maybe you’ll get lucky. And if not, follow the advice from lutra and dudie.