Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


Seriously, some of those accidental kisses would result in broken teeth and bloody lips. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


These two - OUCH - And the show is almost over and this is IT!!!
They are driving me NUTSO - But Hank Wang is so CUTE I can’t stand it!

The Blooms At Ruyi Pavilion

1:14 min in this one could have been dangerous


I disagree with SWDBS, Fight My Way, & Doctors - Those kisses were not steamy to me! But the OTHERS

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I have added some new ones to the collection recently from me and advice from @my_happy_place


I love this KISS! He’s so yummy


Lee Min Ho - Heirs


Song Joong Ki - DOTS


It might be in a DREAM but WOWhowsers! Kim Jae Wook!


If you need a little steam in your life - Hello Again is kinda silly but - Check out Eps 13 around 45 min in and after - SWEET and a little STEAMY Kisses!!! And when they wake up - aw he is such a sweetie! Who wouldn’t want a sweetie like him…:purple_heart:

He’s so Handsome!


yeah, more than steamy, it was swoony… I pretty much DIED at the piano sounds :joy::joy:


This is not the thread for me since nowadays I forward through or look away during kiss scenes lol. Some are too uncomfortable to watch especially when they just touch their lips and hardly move or when it looks like the guy is gobbling up her lips. There’s only a few actors and actress that are comfortable with the intimacy of kiss scenes.


We don’t like the press kiss either!!! I try to keep the best around! I have a thing about good kisses!!! hahahaha! Thanks for stopping by


I enjoyed reading the comments lol. Passed through the vids of course. I think the over sexualization in American dramas has made it a turn off. There are some K dramas that shows the romance and intimacy in kiss scenes. Just can’t remember which ones lol


That’s why I like dramas so clean and sweet and romantic - I don’t watch most other TV anymore.


Yes, I love that a kiss is a big deal and they don’t just fall into bed. Sometimes in the comments people are rooting/pushing for a bedroom scene. I keep thinking they’re watching the wrong show if that’s what they want. Sure it happens in some, and more often than it use to, but part of the draw for me is the more innocent nature of them. Although I still like a steamy kiss. lol


I had completely forgotten about this kiss until I started looking for Kang Tae Oh gifs for another thread. I LOVE this kiss. Strictly speaking, the lip-to-lip action isn’t spectacular, but the context of it within the show itself was so emotional. Most importantly for this thread, it’s what he does when she has that deer-in-headlights, wide-open eyes moment. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: So don’t give up on it when you watch…

FYI: The English translation on Ntfx of what he says right before the kiss is “You can stop. I’ll take it from here.”

My First, First Love Season 2


I love how he fixed the deer in the headlights moment. lol


That is the BEST DEER in the HEADLIGHTS KISS I HAVE EVER SEEN! I love him! I just wish his character wasn’t such a wimp in DOOM - and he is kind of a bad guy in Tale of Nokdu! He needs a leading role. So CUTE

K Star a Holic
He has not made Hottie Posse yet! We will have to work on that


Yes, please. His character in Run On on Ntfx was SO great. He needs more like that.


Off topic, but that sweater looks super soft.


The one kiss in Your Honor was so sweet
2:05 in Eps 22