Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


Um - I don’t wanna answer that…
He actually has a really nice body…


30 sec in - this is awful - hilarious


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Hilarious and so uncomfortable :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


He gets his own deer-in-headlights, uninterrupted, in Run On. Start at about 1:05 if you want to skip the leadup.


I just saw that - when does a man act like that - so funny! He looks mortified! hahahaha!


It was pretty in character, to be honest, but yeah, when does anyone act like that? Seems to me the reactions to an unexpected kiss are to A) Get into it yourself; B) Quickly back away; C) Slap or knee the person.

Someone, somewhere MUST find that prolonged deer-in-headlights reaction appealing or else why would it continue to be present in drama after drama after drama? I will never understand.


Oh my word, in the drama I am watching right now, the guy and girl are hiding from the bad guys in the forest. The girl is about to sneeze, so the guy kisses her to keep her from giving away their location. He surprises even himself by this, so they BOTH end up being deer in headlights, staring at each other. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud since we’ve just been discussing these ridiculous kisses. :woman_facepalming:t3::rofl:


This was a playful and more intimate kiss, that lacks in dramas. Also, those deer caught in headlights are a bit too cringe for me.


Oh baby, I wasn’t prepared for that. ~fans self~

Must track down that drama. Is he the same guy who was in 30 but 17? (Not that I can’t research that myself, lol) He’s a good kisser. She is too, actually. I’ve seen her in others.


Drama is Temperature of Love, I can’t recall if it was good or not lol. I think it’s the same guy as 30 but 17. I mostly watch crime/mystery/thriller but a friend told me to watch this lol


I love both these guys!!! I loved him in 30 but 17.! He is a cutie!



Ok - I have figured out something! I don’t like the “deer in the headlights kiss” that is a given - I also don’t like the "chomp chomp chomp open mouth - like I wanna eat you kisses - so fake"

I want a good lip lock with head movement and possibly an actual darn kiss! I know that there are a few out there where dang it! I’m gonna kiss you for real - Lee Minho, Seo In Guk, Seo Kang Joon, Wookie, Marcus Chang…Gong Yoo, Kim Jae Wook, Junho, and I could go on!!! There are some excellent kisses being given out there in dramaland!!!

This scene was so sweet when she runs into his arms! Aw! Junho and Wok of Love!


lmaooo in Ashes of Love, the main couple is hiding from baddies in a forest and they suddenly fall rolling down a little hill :joy: obviously, the end up on top of each other, and she’s about to scream so he kisses her to shut her up
:joy: No deer in the headlights, but he spends the next few seconds apologizing while she tries to rationalize the situation :rofl::rofl:

oh no not these :flushed: My brain gets so distracted thinking “is she okay is she OKAAAAY? NOOOO HE’S ABOUT TO EAT HER WHOLE​:scream::scream::scream::scream: ARE YOU OKAY, HONEY? BOY CAN YOU PLEASE STOP I’M UNCOMFORTABLEEE”


Honestly., the reason I fell so completely for dramas is the way they can totally get you in feels without even kissing. They show emotions so perfectly! Even hugging scenes or just that pat-pat-pat on the back scene are sooo much more memorable than a lot of kiss scenes I’ve watched before. I had kinda forgotten that a kisses and hugs are expression of love, in the end, not devices just to turn people on. I love how dramas make you tangibly feel the love and emotions experienced by the characters. That’s why I loooooove slow-burn romances… they really burnn :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The deep, longing look or loving gaze is an absolute art form, and so many of these actors and actresses are masters at it. Being able to speak with the eyes is such a skill and so important in a lot of these dramas.


But…I need to interject here that after he sorta/kinda officially broke up with writer-girl in DOOM, his emotional sobbing scene in the street really got to me. I felt soooooo bad for him.


Even though I was TEAM TEAM LEADER - Me Too and if TTL Cha dropped the ball - I have no doubt that this guy would take the girl back - he grew!!! That’s a good thing! He is adorable! I just wanted a character for him that isn’t a weak character


This is isn’t KDrama or any Asian drama. Thread title says any drama :joy: FL is part Asian if that counts lol. Actual kiss starts around 1:50


Your good! - my Any Drama probably meant kdrama, tdrama, cdrama or jdrama but you GO!



Oh my VinCat heart. That is a blast from my past. :heart: