Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


I watched most of S1 then parts of the S2-4. Didn’t like the writer change and direction of the show. Probably one of the last (Western) shows I watched before I finally gave K dramas a try and got hooked lol


Love Unexpected has great kisses.


I forgot how many great kisses there are in My Love, Enlighten Me, but I love this one in particular. Don’t stop after the first few seconds of the clip (in which she claims she is cold, especially her lips, haha), that’s just a prelude. For the main feature kiss, he basically notices that she is distracted by the fireworks and tells her to stay focused. hehe

Look, @kdrama2020ali, here’s another one with fireworks! The literal kind.


This will be my last non-Asian drama post :joy:

Have volume on :joy::joy:


Let’s Eat 2 behind the scene of the leads kiss scene. This was hilariously cute. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

The actual scene:



Have you not watched it yet!???


Not yet, I have so many, started & so many I want to watch. I haven’t even watched Vincenzo. Yet I’m watching Sell Your Haunted House. The order I watch thing has no rhyme or reason. lol


SAME - I have so many started - and then I see a squirrel - then it depends on what I’m in the mood for that day! Who knows sometimes!



I love him! Might have to do a Re-Watch of 9 Tailed Fox


Would you believe that’s another one I haven’t watched. lol


Oh my gosh - run run fast and watch 9T - with LDW and Kim Bum - And eat some mint-cho-cola-chip ice cream Foxy’s favorite while you watch!


But now I’ve been distracted by @vivi_1485 & @misswillowinlove talking about Psychopath Diary.


Me too and Ashes of Love!!!


The guys are waaaaiting for youuuu





The eyelid kiss in Pasta



Bringing back the Bubblegum kiss because it’s legendary and everyone needs to see this :joy:


Sorry @sweetybirdtoo. I blurred it out but too late for you. :frowning:
My bad.