Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


That was just YUMMY! And him having the gum at the end was AWESOME!


Since I’m all about our SEXY Gumiho

The coffee room kiss is awesome!

Watch it on utube! The noise of the coffee machine makes it even better!




Another K-drama to put on my ever-expanding list. I get so bored with external entities deciding what is age appropriate. I know that cultural standards differ, but I would have no problem sitting and watching something like that with older children.

Unless, of course, there are major explosions, buses turning over, and chaebol witches screaming, “My son is too good for you!”


That kiss was TAME!!! SERIOUSLY! I know RIGHT! I have not watched WWW but have had several people tell me it is good!!!

I have been crying over Scent of a Woman - I am looking for a COMEDY!!!


Monthly Magazine Home so far fills all my crying, laughing, and “awww” needs.


THAT kiss is age restricted? Seriously?


It’s not the kiss that’s age restricted, it’s the way he’s looking at her that is. Where’s my fan?


And I swear the sneakiness of it makes it more HOT - and the coffee machine going!

(this is too funny but I’m more a Oh My Gosh kinda girl)


It’s one of the few dramas that I outright dropped. I really liked JKY’s character, and the way the two of them met, but there was far too little romance to make up for all the scenes of business dealings, which are some of my least favorite.


Definitely added a little somethin’.


Did you watch Junho’s Good Manager! I’m just there for him!!! He eats and eats and eats in that drama! He bubbled last night!!! That boy!


I really want to, just for him, but I do not have a Viki Pass, so I can’t as of now.


Have you watched Love Struck in the City? I’m having such a hard time with this drama, I thought it was going to be a light fun watch but I just want to scream.


I have watched it. I really liked some parts and really wanted to slap some people in others. :joy:

I did kind of really like the format of the characters being part of a reality show and answering interview questions.


I CANT do it! I love WOOKIE so much but I can’t see him mistreated and I don’t like the FL


Yes this is my problem. I hate her so much. There’s nothing that can justify how she treated him, it they have a happy ending it’s going to be a laptop throwing drama for me. lol


And worse for me I don’t like the actress - her and the FL in DOTS get on my NERVES! Sorry not Sorry


I hated how she treated him too, but I also HATED how ridiculously his character acted about the whole situation. I could not reconcile how a very successful, grown-@ss man could be reduced to such a state over a woman he spent some weeks with.


I have friends that want me to watch it so much - they beg me! I have watched the 1st eps only! I know what happens half way through - I just ugh -I cannot see him get hurt - hence the Empress Ki issue I have

But if I want to be supportive of one of my favorite actors and his art - I will watch it!