Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


Welp - But the kiss was HOT - 1:36 in for the lead up

Kiss King


Their whole relationship was HOT & HEAVY!


Should we just leave the drama playing while doing something else? lol Then I wouldn’t have to subject myself to this torture (not that the drama is torture, watching how Wookie is treated is)


Frankly, I felt bad and hurt on his behalf at first, but the more he acted the way he did, the more I actually wanted to slap some sense into him, as well. So I spent most of the drama wanting to slap them both. LOL

Edit: Okay, so I shouldn’t say ‘most’ of the drama, because they do eventually start to face things head on, and he eventually gets to have his say. And it’s Wookie being his beautiful-Wookie self, so there’s that.


I’m at this part of the drama. lol


Don’t you just want to give him a good shake and tell him to snap out of it? That she just isn’t worth it?


Sometimes - you know love - makes you CRAZY! HOW HOW HOW could YOU LEAVE WOOKIE! I would want to wake up to that EVERYDAY!


I certainly can’t relate to running away from that.


I was there about 4 episodes ago. lol

I cant argue with this though.

Sorry @kdrama2020ali I took over your kiss thread for my rant. I’d better go look for a good kiss to make up for it. lol


Here’s one for ya. The drama I’m currently watching ‘Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling’ This one deserves an age restriction, just so you’re aware. It’s hot, hot, hot. (Not the best video quality)





Go find Hello Again -EP 13 - Kissing in the Kitchen

Watch out!!!


This thread definitely took a turn to the 18+. Whooo baby.


The first 2 minutes of this is the best attempted kiss. No actual kiss but Ji Sung is amazing in KMHM


Should I take it down??? I wasn’t going to post that one! I’ll leave it up a min!

The scene when they wake up is the sweetest thing I have ever seen! He kisses her nose and cheeks and says mine! Its so SWEET


If you take yours down, should I take mine down? I don’t know.


@my_happy_place I don’t think that one is too bad and it’s already age restricted.


Hilarious. KMHM is another one I really want to see. It is on my list for whenever it is that I get my pass.


I didn’t realize it was already restricted. I’ll leave it, then.


Kill Me Heal Me was so GOOD! Shin Se Gi is one of my favorite bad boys