Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


WWW doesn’t have much romance. It’s main story is about the 2 top rivalry web portals ran by women. It’s heavy on the women’s portrayal of strength and flaws. I personally liked it. Drama didn’t dumb women but showcased their personality and the many layers.


It’s the video uploader who decides that. There’s a little option for Age Restriction when you’re uploading the video.
I’m pretty sure YouTube intervenes only if lots of people report it for inappropriateness.


That makes sense when you have millions of users and viewers.



I love these two so MUCH


This drama used to be in the free content, so I was able to watch it before it changed to subscription, but I just found out it has been released on Ntfx. Also true for Touch Your Heart which will be released on Ntfx soon! You have no idea how happy I am to be able to see both of these again!


Kim Jae Wook is WAY up there in my TOP 10! I love him!


Actually he is one of my wallpapers right now! hahahahaha! on my phone


the blanket kiss… :purple_heart:


Im glad they kissed once after all… :sparkling_heart:

six flying dragons - Bang Won and Boonyi



Ok this is kinda messy and weird and cute at the same time!

I have added a few more shows


Love it and love them. :heart_eyes:


3:03 min in - I swear I love this kiss! Minho! I love his VOICE!!! Only open eye kiss I like! Well, he is a KING! ON the Floor no less!



Ok I was disappointed by the 1st kiss and the 2nd kiss but the writer knew what they were doing. Yowhowsers! The good kisses! I swear the camera work on this show is outstanding.

productive procrastination


Any kiss in Healer will do just fine, thank you!

I can’t seem to find a good meme, but you all know what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





And we wish our WOOKIE a speedy recovery so he can get back to work!!
“I’m A Slacker” he says! That boy ain’t no SLACKER


make a gif

And I have not watched HEALER yet!!! Sacrilege





Should I start it now that our Baby Wookie is in Quarantine!??

It was actually on my next up - but I have to catch up on Nevertheless!



Yes! Nevertheless has priority!!!


Ok - Nevertheless - After I clean the bathroom!!!

Song Kang - Song Kang - Song Kang - but I digress

I seriously love that tattoo