Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama



It’s All About The Kiss!!! :kiss:
I am all about My Love From the Star TODAY!

Made Sure To Add - Tomorrow With You!


Well Well - She’s forceful!!!


I MISS @kdrama2020ali ALREADY! :sob::sob::sob: Come backkkkkk!


Aw! You miss me!!! You guys did ok on your own don’t you think!!! :blush:


I’m be gone the rest of the day!


This was a great story, and some pretty awesome kissing was certainly one of the reasons why.



What a sweet scene. What drama is that from?

From what I’ve seen, Johnny has such a natural way about him in kissing scenes. He could also go in the thread about leading men who are really good at the way they look at their leading ladies.


I agree. :grinning:

I thought Viki had it…


Amazon I just added it to my MDL


He was also great in My Dear Guardian.

:thinking: I must add him to My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


The Accidental Chest KISS! Seriously! :kiss:


This is a press kiss that gets a little better over time in… (why is he shocked - bahahahaha)


Posting again - cuz - sexy and messy! And Sweet :icecream:


1:21 min in but there are thoughts before the kiss
Darn my Green Eyed Monster comes out!!!



Ohhhh a rain one can go in the umbrella collection too.


If you want it to, but there were no umbrellas involved.


I include rain also or cloaks or a hand in the rain works my umbrella trope


Gotcha. They had some sort of lame plastic ‘tarp’ thing, but as much as I love that scene, it seemed less than ideal surroundings for, well, you know.


I love the ice cream kiss. I think I almost died when I was watching the drama and it happened.


That is so GOOD but I just wanted them to lock lips more but it’s very sensual
Seriously - GOAL - Find HOTTIE - Eat ice cream like that with him!!!