Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


I’m ok with soggy kisses!!
It is already in umbrella!!!


The ice cream eating part was very sensual. The ‘kissing’ part not so much. It was kind of cringy and uncomfortable for me.


I love it - messy and sensual to me - but I could have done with a REAL kiss after all the lip touching


That’s what made it cringy - that awkward, not really a kiss, kiss. If you’re going to kiss, then kiss. It would have made that scene perfect. The scene deserved it.


I recently watched a drama where the idea of the scene was very similar, but they were eating cotton candy. There’s no video of it that I can find, but they were super sensual with how they were eating it. I don’t think I could keep a straight face, but that’s one reason I’m not an actor. lol


Food Kisses
Cotton Candy kiss is in this food kisses
1:03 min


That’s not the same one I saw. There appears to be more than a couple who have used that idea.

There are a lot of ‘food kisses’.


You’ve got to remember it was filmed in 2014, press kisses, and fish eye kisses were still pretty normal. Also for where they were in their relationship, this was a huge, huge step.


I love it I think it’s SWEET - hahahahahahaha!



That I can understand.


Lovely. Simple. I take back what I said about C-dramas not being very improvisational.


Ok I have to admit that one of my ABSOLUTE favorite :fire: kisses is in Mr. Queen! Yowsers! You felt like you were intruding it was so flaming!!! :fire:


Hey @my_happy_place another food kiss! What is up with all these food kisses!?


Bread, crackers, wine, coke, bubblegum, foam, ramyeon, candy, cotton candy… kdramaland has seen them ALL :joy:






Seriously Still my #1 Show for Kisses and Skinship!!!


‘Memory Love’ featuring a pastry chef hottie in a white shirt, with a watch:

Upon further review, this drama was just packed with some really great kissing scenes, most of which are compiled in this video that happens to be the OST I was trying to track down to post in the OST thread.

What OST Do YOU OWN/Play Non-Stop/LOVE - Do Any Songs Bring You Back and Make You Cry? 😭

Summer Guys… :sparkling_heart:


This kiss has me watching it a 1,000 times! DO you had me at HELLO

1:21 min in