Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


@my_happy_place already posted this before, but I thought the fireworks kiss in My Love, Enlighten Me was so funny(and weird)!

Especially when she stares at the fireworks and goes on that voice-over monologue while he’s kissing her :joy:

Voice-Over with eyes open: “Nothing is more beautiful than watching fireworks through your kiss, your face, your embrace…”
ML: “sTaY foCuSeD!”
makes her stand in front of him and puts her hands around his neck
ML: “Come up higher”
FL gets on her tiptoes and they continue :rofl:


My favorite part. With just a little ‘nip’ to get her attention. :smile:




Mad For Each Other


Her Private Life


That one was so cute in ‘Mad for Each Other’. Criminal guy is like ‘what’s going on?’, and they’re like, ‘Just give us a second.’ :blush:


DOTS, the second lead couple was better.


The whole cafeteria erupts in cheers! :joy:


Loved a lot of their kisses - the blindfold kiss!
I love Kim Jae Wook :fire:


From Devilish Joy (they do a bunch of kissing in this one and Choi Jin-hyuk knows his stuff).


Speaking as a short girl, can I say how nice it is that he supports her head when they are kissing standing up? It’s the little things…


She needed help. In reality, he is 6’ 2" and she is 5’ 3".


Exactly. I am 5’ and hubby is 5’10", so I get it.


Feb 15 - @stardust2466_546 You see I posted my Choi BEFORE - hahahahaha!

I am a short girl 5’1"! I love this kiss and all the kisses in DJ.


5’ 5" here so it wouldn’t be quite as much of a stretch. He,he,he.


Aw you tower over me - Choi or Minho and you could stand next to each other - If Minho or Choi and I were near each other I would have to wear 4 inch Jimmy Choo’s and he would rest his arm on my head I’m so short.


Have you watched Emergency Couple?


Ha! Yeah, I ended up being the tallest female in my family. Mom was 5’ 2" and sister is 5’ 3". No, I have not watched Emergency Couple but I have been eyeing it.


As a second chance drama, I didn’t like it. Just saying :woman_shrugging:

This scene was so perfect! I love the OST, the setting and the entire environment!


"Candy is Not Something You Just Bite Into All At ONCE!"



Unfortunately the only video I could find of this kiss with English subs. From ‘You Are My Spring’