Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


Quite the long kiss! :wink:


K Popped

Kim Dong Wook

He’s Cute! I love her!


I agree on both accounts. I think I wanted to add him to the hottie posse, but I don’t know if I actually did. And I really like her as an actress.


She does a lot of shows where she is in the mental health type industry or something about mental health.

I loved Oh Hae
and Beauty Inside
Both had supernatural type twists too


I wonder if that’s intentional or completely by accident on her part? I liked both of those dramas you mentioned. I really want to see ‘Temperature of Love’.


And that one looks good I added it to my watchlist. Reviews say it is a slow burn - but hey a kiss like that in Eps 9…I’m all about it.

Oh Hae is one of my FAVORITES! I want to watch Eric Munn in some other things also


I really liked it, but I like a good slow burn with the ‘good’ kind of tension.


Go to You When the Weather is Fine! Yummy! :yum:


You are my glory!






Am I allowed to say “D#@n-”
Is that allowed!


I need ice water


I say it internally from time to time. I don’t know if there are official rules against it here. :woman_shrugging::sweat_smile:




He needs to be in one of our polls - I vote YES

So good to see his efforts put to good use


you’re right, we have to think about that. He deserves to win a poll haha


How old is he??? Yowsers! Is he a baby bird - tell me he isn’t! :sob:


Heck no. Yang Yang is 30!


OH thank GOODNESS! :laughing:


Oh oh he has an umbrella - TROPE


Just turned 30 today, in fact (according to MDL).


Him and Jung II Woo


I don’t even CARE what Thread I’m On at the Moment!

Happy Happy Birthday :birthday:


This scene was on fire, so too was pretty much everything about this non-standard , aggressive woman I am used to seeing in K-Drama. Maybe it’s because I am a guy , but , I was like damn …and it was clearly open mouthed too…


I have found some true kisses in a few K-dramas if you REALLY look close! No doubt! Thanks for sharing! I am ALL about the KISS :kiss: