Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


I don’t know anything about that drama or those two, but that is such a sad kiss. Beautiful, but sad.


Definitely for him! :sob:


wowwww You Are My Glory is coincidentally at the top of my watchlist!! I really should get to watching it!


There have been a few K-dramas (and other types of dramas as well) where the female lead is allowed to be taller than the male lead, but in K-drama land, it has long been a crime against humanity for a female character of any kind to be taller than a male character.

I am 5’ 10" tall, and I have only once dated a man significantly taller than I am. He was 6’ 7" tall.


Yep, that looks like one steamy kiss. But, to paraphrase a line from Modern Magazine Home, we see what we want to see but the camera sees what is.

Korean actors and actresses by and large are extremely buttoned up about intimate contact with another person in public. I will bet you that if you look at that scene shot by shot, you will not find anything other than remarkable camera angles. And if you watch it without the music, much of the steam will evaporate.





I don’t remember if I already share these, but:

I just love this show

This has been my favorite kiss for a long time

Personally, I didn’t enjoy this show that much, but I love the kiss scenes!!

Another favorite kiss:


This is where I become a “realist.” The extreme modesty that is a part of even Millennial Korean culture dictates passion my means of acting and editing and not by means of actual skinship.

Also, passion before commitment means little. That’s why Korea is full of orphans and single moms.


Moo-Ra and ByRim stole the show there



Ok this gif is making me crazy - It shuts down my computer every time I try to use it. So here is a still.

Lover’s of the Red Sky EARLY kiss! YES!




Yep Yep and YEPPERS one of my top KISSES!!! LOVE “W” the chemistry is so GOOD! :blush:


Their chemistry was great! They should make another drama together.


What World Would You Live In

My Top World cuz who would not want to live with Lee Jong Suk! In ritzy fun pretend world.


Our gorgeous Gumiho in Search WWW




Aw, why are you making me MISS HIM!


We miss them all!!! hahaha


Is Nam Hyuk gone???


Yessss! The piano kiss in SWDBS was INCREDIBLE


Nooo, I was just saying in general hahaha