Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


You know they just wanna look at PSJ chest when he takes off his shirt!


Granting You a Dreamlike Life


This is a cool article: the dramas in which the hugs felt as satisfying as kiss scenes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I hate it when she doesn’t hug back its like! He’s a Hottie Hug him back for gosh sakes!


which drama are you referring to?


:joy::joy::joy:Lots of them! Usually their arms are down by their sides!


Ji Sung is a great kisser too. I wonder where hes at. haven’t seen him in such a long time.

Lee Min Ho and that actress make wonderful kissing scenes.


Ji Sung did Dr John in 2019. I do like me some Shen Si Gi in Kill Me, Heal Me!

**Oh Minho, Minho, Minho, Minho!**:purple_heart:


Thank you so much! I’m gonna watch it now since we’re expecting another storm, and is only 23 degrees out there brrrr, so I’m stuck this weekend, and I already cooked . I can’t believe I had no idea the two Ji Sung (in my book two great actors) are together in a drama! Hope is good bc not hearing about it makes me wonder why…:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

PS. Is Jo In Sung the one I was saying is a great actor and kisser too. he is not in Doctor John I am sorry to say most of them actors look so alike to me and the second lead in the picture looked like Jo In Sung but he really doesnt (it was the front photo only so I thought it was him).


Je Sung - He did a reality show in 2020 called “Run”


Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!
What are you Watching???


Coffee Prince! It was rare at that time (2007) to see this kind of kisses.


Aw, we love Gong Yoo!:blue_heart:


I’m watching Myung Wol the Spy and Doctor John with Ji Sung. Although my mood is to watch My only Love Song/W/ Secret Love bc they are so romantic.


I love “W” I have watched it twice!


If anyone has not watched Autumn Concerto, prepare your heart 8.23 when the world of Mu Cheng and Ren Xi was full of love …
Sorry couldn’t find a shorter video.


Ok - This LOOKS really good. Twins, one a judge and one a criminal. The judge goes missing so they put the criminal brother on the bench! Good Kiss that I saw! Anyone see this???


Nope, last time someone mentioned the “rabbit hole” in Ep 2, I started to remember why I didn’t watch it even though it is a law drama … I need Viki to fill in the subtitles for Europe. After all these years I understand some Korean but in episode 2 and with legal terms, I don’t want to miss something right from the start.


I would love to be kissed by him bc he’s such a sexy kisser!


That was pretty darn Good! Then cute and comical! I added that to my rain/umbrella collection and of course to the Kiss one. Very nice!:fire::fire::fire: