Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama



Best SCENE EVER - Best Kiss - **Marcus Chang!**:fire::fire::fire: Lost Romance
More Like Super Make-Out Love Scene


Looks Like Some Yummy Kisses in
100 Days My Prince
WOW D.O. has some kissable lips.


Just finished watching this one (100 Days My Prince) last week and I can assure you that there is no ‘fish lip’ kissing in this one. D.O. did a great job and I would love to see him in more projects. Give this one a shot. :wink:


Oh this one from Bromance!


What is the name of this one?


His lips look just yummy! I have to say

Have you watched Swing Kids - His tap dancing is super SEXY


Lost Romance with Marcus Chang it is a Tdrama and oh momma


Nope but it will go on my list. Geez. This working full-time schedule (40 hrs/week) is really cutting into my K-drama time! LOL!


Its a MOVIE so you can watch it with no fear of needing time for a drama!