Abuse of forum functions

It came to my attention that people keep using the function to flag posts. However, some of those posts are completely innocent and address issues without slandering a specific person. They are not violating any rules. Why even provide users with the rights to do this? It might be all right if you face spambots, but otherwise it can be easily abused to hide all sorts of criticism for a while / express your dislike for people. This isn’t appropriate in my opinion.

Taking away the chance to discuss things takes away the chance to talk about things objectively or exchanging opinions about issues. This offers the chance to reflect on yourselves and change things positively in the future. No matter if someone belongs to the community or regarding Viki themselves.


From my experience, flagging a post of a brand new Discussion user hides the post after one flag. This is usually the case with spam posts.

Flagging the post of a legitimate Discussion user once doesn’t hide the post. Multiple users have to flag the same post for it to be hidden. How many, I’m not sure. But likely not more than 5 users.

Furthermore, automatic locking of threads can happen after one user flags several posts in the same thread. I think this function could be removed, since it’s vulnerable to abuse.

As for the reason behind flagging, I wholeheartedly agree that you are not to flag a post just because you don’t agree with it. Last time I checked, we are all adults here.



Providing minors don’t slip through the cracks, and loopholes.


Thank you for this.
And nobody tells you what exactly provoked the flag so that you can edit it.


In two of my posts, the like button does not appear, as if they were flagged! This is a problem?


I was about to say the same.

If someone disagrees with a post, they can just say so and have some meaningful conversation. Why flag?

@bbj0424 can you show me, what you mean? The like button does not appear on your own post until someone else likes it.


For example, in my post right now, as you can see in the screenshot, there is no “like” button. @zyxw

In this screenshot of mine from four days ago there is a “like” button. What happened?


That’s normal.

The hearts appear when someone likes your post. If your post hasn’t been liked yet, there are no hearts.

Liked post:

Post that hasn’t been liked:


:face_with_monocle: oh! :ok_hand:t5: normal.


Right on! I appreciate your post on this topic near and dear to my heart. I’ve observed it too and have been pondering over it and wondering if anything could or would “really” be done, or that it would just end up as another mere futile wish… :pleading_face:

It’s unfair and unjust. Period. Particularly if one is from a big clique, one can easily influence “one’s clique” to flag anyone… Just 5 (or 10?) accounts are needed to flag and make any post/topic become invisible or disappear altogether, I think… (Does anyone know for sure?) This (flagging) function needs to change for the better.

Me three :love_you_gesture:. Wholeheartedly. As for the “adult” part :crazy_face:, I’m often “amazed” at how some would reprimand others, especially any Viki staff, without any restraint in their language usage. I understand not everyone’s a native as far as English is concerned, but mutual civility and mutual respect should never be overlooked.

Let’s do better, dear Viki Community, and indeed, dear Viki Fam. :two_hearts: :heart_hands:
:crossed_fingers::ok_hand: :pray:


Oh, I understand! I didn’t know, I think it was an update before the button appeared when posting, I could like my post, apparently, it changed too! Thanks, for help :blush:


Oops @bbj0424,
It appears for others, not for the poster.

@bbj0424, I noticed something else, when you’re not logged in, and browsing, you will see the embossed heart outline. If you click your own heart, you might get logged in, but it will not turn your post’s heart red. :blush::+1:t5:


Yes, I noticed that now! :smile:


It seems we don’t have any moderators on Discussions. :expressionless:


I see 8 accounts listed as moderators, 5 of them have been active between march and now. So we do have moderators. Every forum should have moderators. But I think the problem here is that they have to take care of different community aspects as well.


Of the 9 in the list, one is a bot and an other one is Viki in general.


I agree 100% with this statement. I was thinking that they should make a function that identifies the person that is ‘‘flagging’’ the topic in question. The same way we know who like our post we should be able to know who flag our post.


When my account was suspended I know the moderator I interact with; 1 was a female, and 1 was a male none of them was a ‘‘bot’’ and I won’t give their names out of respect for their privacy. They kept marking my issue as SOLVED although my complain against the things said to me was never looked into, and were completely ignored although I provided the evidence of what was written to me and they deleted them although I never flagged what they wrote to me.


I hope Viki can improve such things ASAP.

Life outside is hard, here musn’t be a reflection of those values but those we believe in: helping one another, caring for our peers, understanding, growing all together, giving second chances (I saw as someone took the chance and it’s shining, I’m So Proud of that person :heart:) and so on…

Let’s go for it, guys! ^^



There are also posts in which not a specific person but an entire group is being slandered. Like that person some years ago who kept on writing posts in which he harrassed bisexual people (in general cause all of them were bad in his eyes). Any kind of insult, specific or not, subtle or not, can be a reason for flagging. But in some cases, the flagged persons themselves don’t see what they did wrong. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the flagging was done with insincere intentions. Therefore it might be good if the flagger had the option to clarify the flag anonymously. Not just “it’s spam/inappropriate/whatever,” but specifically pointing out the words that triggered the flag. We can already do that, but not anonymously and that probably stops a lot of flaggers from doing so.
Personally, I would never flag a post just because I didn’t agree with it. In that case, I would either state my opinion or ignore it. But if any person or group, specifically or in general, is being insulted/harrassed/badmouthed/put into a bad daylight/etc., even if it happens in a less obvious way, then I do see reason for flagging.
That said, there indeed is also flagging without good reason and some of it is granted by the staff as being valid cause they usually don’t take much time to really look into the matter.

Then no one would flag anyone anymore. Or the flagged people would start harrassing the flaggers.