Acquaintance - Russia


Surgut city,Russia


I admire his courage, it can get really slippery in rain, he could have sprained his ankles… and it looks also cold… be he did (danced) well :rofl::star_struck:


Somewhere in Russia this couple dances Bachata, imagine she’s in heels and on that terrain and just dances like nothing… they are really good, I just wished he had a better attire… :rofl:


Your photos are so beautiful, @tanakoncik_588! Thank you for sharing.


simi11 Thank you for the video ! It was interesting! This is Siberia … Yes, the shoes are impressive :grinning:. And they dance well!


my_happy_place This photo was taken with a regular Samsung! Thank you for your comment! I am glad that you liked!


This is a photo from the Far East. The area is similar to Korean dramas.


This is a photo from the Far East . Сountry Russia…



Guys in Russia, trend…


Many foreigners think I’m Russian when they hear me speak English… Grrr…

However, Radio Tapok does some decent music :smiley:


Thanks Mattlock
] ! I haven’t seen that … Impressive
This is great too!


Actually not bad :slight_smile:


These are a friend’s photos from Serbia!

Thank you for sharing your photos! @tanakoncik_588

My one claim to fame in life is I saw Mikhail Baryshnikov dance modern dance with a chair! I have never forgotten it - I loved it!


They are so good, they have more dance covers, you can see they have fun!! The camera takes are so good too!! They could be just another kpop idol group if they would sing!



Hey! Your photos are beautiful too. Very interesting! Thank you!



There are some more of my photos and others in this thread.


I also want to visit Japan, Korea and Vietnam !

I have been on this site for a year now, but there is very little translation into Russian.

I once had friends in Japan …