Acquaintance - Russia


Dancing on the water is fashionable. Only that guy on a Moscow street is full of creativity.
In Korea, they also dance on the water!


It’s beautiful!


I love Wonho - he was just on VLIVE he did two today actually he has been on a lot with his new “BLUE”


kdrama2020ali I also listen to his songs!:хлопать в ладоши:


Ballet is popular in Russia, as well as in Korea. I’ve seen it in dramas.


Do you know that Russia !!

_ It will take about 8 days to travel by train from east to west !


thank you for the beautiful pictures nd the music!



Do you have such flowers growing in your forest?





This is great !


Does anyone own Matryoska dolls. I have two. In Korea they use it as a music instrument the Theremin.


About nesting dolls is amazing!
BTS is space!


Ever heard of throat singing? It’s very extraordinary… I feel it connects to Mother Nature. Olena is very talented, there are many other throat singers and forms of throat singing in other continents.

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@ simi11
Good day! Of course I heard it! There are many nationalities in Russia and each has its own culture.



“Everyone dances!”. Viennese waltz. Buryat National Theater of Song and Dance “Baikal”