Acquaintance - Russia


Do you know 2pm? This is my Kpop Group!
JUNHO, Jun K, Wooyoung, Channie, OK T and Khunnie :sparkling_heart::heart::green_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart:


The Mongols do the best throat stuff. :smiley:

Psst, Maybe Buryatia has something similar ? :smiley:


Yest’ v Buryatii


Ei huono :smiley:


Altayskiy kray


His songs sound in dramas, He is talented.


:rofl::grin::grin::grin::rofl::rofl: Ха-ха-ха You were definitely Russian in your past life!


I love Henry - I have his CDs!






Aw I love architecture - I want to come see that! :sunny:


I have a puzzle with this building on it. It has amazing color and architecture!


Собор Василия Блаженного (русский: Собор Василия Блаженного , . Тр Собором Василия Блаженного ), широко известный как собор Василия Блаженного , является православная церковь в Красной площади в Москве , и это один из самых популярных культурных символов России . Здание, ныне являющееся музеем, официально известно как собор Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы на рву или Покровский собор . [5] Он был построен с 1555 по 1561 год по приказу Ивана Грозного и посвященвзятие Казани и Астрахани . Это было самое высокое здание города до завершения строительства колокольни Ивана Великого в 1600 году. [6]


I like it!


Do you know that Russia !!:deciduous_tree:

More than 190 nationalities live in Russia



I just saw a Russian movie 2 hours long the title is: METRO, and I can say this is the second Russian drama I’ve watched, and love it!

It bothers me that is [dub in English] so the voice was way off sync, but the movie was so good, I deal with it. I rather see subtitles though. It was on tuby site so I don’t know if you are familiar with tuby. It’s not on ntfx.

PS. Forgot to mention I love to see this videos on YT of accidents in Russia, and they drive so fast! Those accidents are scary…
But they also have videos on YT, of Russian women and men helping others when they need help, and it makes me cry to see such caring scenes.


Yes, I saw this movie on TV. I can advise you “Chernobyl” film. This is a terrible tragedy … There are many scenes that are simply amazing. I will send a link according to your language.


In English is fine for the link. I have to say that Russian film Industry is very good, and their actors are very good, too. I saw a Chernobyl Documentary and I cried so much. To this day many babies are born with birth defects and it’s heartbreaking to see them. I hope I can see the Chernobyl film.