Acquaintance - Russia


Thank you so much! watching it now on YOU TUBE.


This movie is shocking…


That might be the case… :grinning:


Wow, the cinematography and creativity is impressive!! Just a wilde steppe!


I have to add the Russian folks/fairy tale “Mrazik” it is also popular in Czech Republic during xmas time like “Three Nuts for Cinderella”. Mrazik in Czech and Father Frost in English and in Russian “Morozko”. This is a very funny fairy tale, considering how old it is (1964) they did quite well with the tricks. Nastenka is so beautiful. This video shows how the stepmom is prepping her daughter for a matchmaking meet :rofl:


Yes, cool … Impressive video … It’s steppes. They do have such a nature.




Almost space


So our time is passing with you said SUGA


Commercial clothing made from the intestines of marine animals or fabrics from the peoples of Alaska and north-eastern Siberia. 18 century


Mammoths once lived here




This is Turkey. Historical value! Times of Alexander the Great.



That is so COOL! I wish you could do a walking tour video for us!!!


Thanks! OK


Very beautiful. I advise you to take a look…


Sergey Yesenin (Sergey Yesenin) was a Russian poet (1895-1925). S. Yesenin devoted his whole life to writing poetry.

The Birch Tree
(1913 год)

Just below my window
Stands a birch-tree white,
Under snow in winter
Gleaming silver brightOn the fluffy branches
Sparkling in a row
Dangle pretty tassels
Of the purest snow.There the birch in silence
Slumbers all day long
And the snow gleams brightly
In the golden sun.

And the dawn demurely
Going on its rounds
With a silver mantle
Decks again the boughs.