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Music without borders! Very cool. The whole globe!



This very popular and beloved old Korean song called 백만송이 장미 (Million Roses) was originally written in Latvian in 1981, but later translated into Russian and became even more popular.

Here are all three versions.

Original Latvian version:

Russian version:

Korean version:


This is a fun little old song by a Kazakh/Russian singer that I used to enjoy listening to.

By doing a YouTube search today, I just found out that the real title of this song is “Malchik hochet v Tambov,” where Tambov is a city in Russia.
I’ve always thought he was saying something like "“Malchik hochet Istanbul” and thought maybe it had something to do with Turkey! lol

I’ve only heard the music before and this is the first time actually watching their funky music video!


Song Wonsub 송원섭-blogger and singer from Korea.


A very beautiful voice



Military commander Zhukov 1941


St. Petersburg is a Russian port city on the Baltic Sea coast, which served as the capital of the Russian Empire for two centuries. It was founded in 1703 by Peter I, to whom the famous monument “The Bronze Horseman” was erected. The city is rightfully considered the cultural center of the country.


Hello! I’m not Russian, but I am part Ukrainian. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

I saw in the thread that some have recently watched Russian movies. How odd because I too recently watched two Russian movies on YT, Private Interest and River of Memories. I was even thinking about watching another one yesterday. I grew up with the Russian cartoon Nu Pogodi. To this day, I still laugh whenever I watch an episode on YT.

Sadly, I don’t know much Russian. I took a semester of Russian in university, though. I can speak, read, write, and understand a little bit.


I’m glad to talk to you!If you put likes, I will know what you are interested in and what is not!


Hi! Thanks! I’m glad you liked my photos! I’m not a professional photographer, just an amateur. The photos are all without Photoshop, everything was done on a regular Korean Samsung phone, (only different models).I will write to you by email and we will talk


BTS = BEATLES = ABBA =??? new product


Speak of the devil, what am I reading ( ) ? Royal Romanov wedding in Russia :D. Did Putin get himself fired, is the Empire back? :smiley:


Romanov-dynastian jälkeläinen Georgy Mihailovitš Romanov ja hänen valitsemansa Rebecca Bettarini, diplomaatin tytär, jonka ortodoksinen nimi on Viktoria Romanovna, menevät tänään naimisiin Pietarissa useiden satojen ulkomaisten ja venäläisten vieraiden läsnä ollessa. Fontankan mukaan kutsuttujen joukossa on noin 50 kuningasperheiden edustajaa.


I want to add another Russian produced movie 2007 that received awards and I liked a lot “Mongol”, it took 25 months to film it and the music was actually played by Mongol musicians. It’s the story about young Genghis Khan and the life in the steppe and tribal feuds, the visuals of landscape are impressive! The main actor is Japanese though.

I consider it a masterpiece and perhaps Viki should add it to their movie library :laughing::blush: