Add a project under 'volunteer project'

I’ve completed subtitling a few series of dramas.
Before staring, I contacted a channel manager to get a ‘go sign’ and let them know when I finished.

Do I get my name listed anywhere? OR I need to be one of those ‘starting a project’ members?
I also noticed that some people have project names listed under “Volunteer Project” on their profile page. How do I add that?

I am NOT trying to add my name or project names if I’ve participated a little (like Viki One Liners)

Any help or suggestions?

This depends on your channel role. If you were as a added as a team segmenter or moderator, it will show up. Subbers don’t show as a role, but the amount of subtitles you’ve done for a certain show is seen in your contributions count. You can’t add this yourself, only the channel manager or moderator can. You can edit your personal profile page, however and put up that information. Hope that helps.


I keep a list on my profile next to the list by Viki “Contributions Count” here it shows how many subs/segs you have everywhere. The list on my profile I made myself.

As to getting credit for the project itself… the volunteer tab only has room for 20 people who have the most subs… if you are part of a language team you will get credit at the end of the show (last episode) if the team decides to give everyone credits which is pretty common and some teams have thank you cards.

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Thank you for responding! I am still a bit confused about how Viki works.

You both are very nice!