An icon passed away today


There used to be a family at my church with both mom and dad from Scotland; they emigrated from Scotland in the early sixties, I believe. The husband passed away fairly young after suffering a heart attack. When I got to know the wife–a charming woman with piercing blue eyes–I was somewhat aghast to learn what a wretched diet they had as a result of growing up in Scotland during World War II and after.

Everything deep fried in trans fats. Sugar that provided energy more cheaply than fruits, vegetables, and meat. The family joked about pizzas in Scotland being deep fried.

If Robbie Coltrane passed away at age 72 because of issues related to obesity or its often co-morbid diseases diabetes, heart disease, or any kind of cancer, it is especially sad because that kind of death is preventable, at least more within human control than getting struck by lightning or hit by a car.


When it comes to survival and there is limited food supply you eat what you can to survive, since food was also scarce the frying wasn’t perhaps that bad. Imagine how people in Ukraine live where they stayed in war zone… all is smashed every supply broken.

If you read Angela’s Ashes about the writer who grew up in poverty in Irland it’s also mind-numbing. Your diet changes depending on circumstances. Like in Africa many kids had or still have the protruded belly because of one sided diet. As for the people living with stuffed groceries stores you can also see the overindulging with food that isn’t good for your, even the US has the I call it “non food food” in the isle, very unhealthy food yet people buy it cos it’s either sweet or salty, starchy or whatever comfort food.

It would be very wise to learn about food and nutrition in middle school or high school but that could change the shopper’s mind and companies would be loosing those non food food buyers!

Also some people have it in the genes predestined to get sick if they do not limit whatever it would trigger it.

I lived as a 9 yrs old often with canned food heated in hot water in a hotel room where I stayed for 3 months except I had a breakfast with bread rolls and jam… memories after fleeing the Russians as well in 1968… Russia must be reined in!




yes wasn’t dead now is. but he was fantastic,


Oh, my! The original “bad boy” of Rock n’ Roll, Jerry Lee Lewis. From his controversial marriage to his famously setting his piano on fire (and then continuing to play it while it was burning), he set the tone for those who would “act out” later. Of course, his talent and energy on stage was legendary, along with his iconic hit songs. Unfortunately, not many clips available of his incredible live shows, but here is a clip from Ed Sullivan show in 1969. Of course, he is older here (although still only 34 years) but his energy and showmanship is on full display. He’s trying to tone it down for TV, but I love how he can’t contain himself and starts playing the piano with his foot.
Rest In peace to a true Rock legend. My condolences to his family, his friends, and his fans.


Gosh, so many celebrities passing away this autumn. I’m having a hard time taking it in. I think the word “legend” and “icon” are used too much these days, but they truly apply to Angela Lansbury. What an amazing talent she was. Her range and versatility as an actress and performer- wow. She was magnificent as the evil mother in “The Manchurian Candidate” and then she turns it around 180 and plays ( and sings) the eccentric Mame Dennis in “Mame,” where she totally kills it! Comedy, Drama, Musicals- Was there anything she couldn’t do? I first remember seeing her on screen in 1978’s “Death On The Nile” were she plays romance author Salome Otterbourne to perfection. (Who could forget that tango scene with Peter Ustinov’s Poirot?) but she will forever be mystery author/amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher from “Murder, She Wrote” to me. I loved that show and watched it every week, and she was a major reason why. It’s a true shame that she never won an Emmy award for her performance in that series, although she was nominated many times. Gosh, so many roles over the years. She’s just too funny working with Danny Kaye in “The Court Jester”, loveable as teapot Mrs. Potts in “Beauty and the Beast,” wonderfully nasty as the maid opposite Ingrid Bergman in"Gaslight," the list goes on. Can’t forget her turn as big sister in “National Velvet,” good witch Egglantine Price in “Bedknobs and Broomsticks.” Rest in Peace, dear lady. My condolences to her family, her friends, and her fans all over the world.


Wow, you remember a lot… I’m sure I watched the Poirot with Peter Ustinov and some other known shows/movies and Gaslight I remember too… I guess we belong to the baby boomers :wink:

He had really good Rock’n’Roll songs that would sweep the floor! He probably continues in heaven RIP JLL :candle:



I’ve been watching a lot of Angela Lansbury tributes, LOL! Seriously, I was continually surprised by just how many things she has been in. I kept saying to myself, “oh, yes. I forgot Angela Lansbury was in that.” Truly a remarkable actress.

As for Jerry Lee Lewis, what a performer! He was one of the few that gave everything when on stage and that energy was communicated to his fans which they gave back to him, which he fed off of and it spurred him on. He really gave himself over to his music. Truly one of a kind. It was really sad when his career derailed right when he was reaching stardom. Eventually he was able to come back but in a much, much smaller way. One wonders what might have been.


I made a mistake, it was about Bruce Willis being dead, I & google got it together, and found out he isn’t dead, why do those people do that?? make me upset!!

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May I say she was an icon in rock music and wrote history as a member of Fleetwood Mac
Christine Mc Vie died at the age of 79, her music will stay, if you are unfamiliar with her music you might want to give it a try


RIP Christine McVie. Fleetwood Mac’s album “Rumours” is one of my all time favorites. My favorite Christine McVie song is “Don’t Stop.” I find it so uplifting. She was a truly talented songwriter and musician. She will be missed. My condolences to her family, her friends, and her fans.


RIP to Irene Cara.
I’ll always remember her and her singing in the film “Fame” and her Oscar and Grammy winning OST “What A Feeling” for the film “Flashdance.” Another beautiful voice gone too soon. My condolences to her family, her friends, and her fans.

Irene Cara Dead at 63


:fallen_leaf:Clarence Gilyard Jr, from the show :film_projector::film_strip::movie_camera:

Walker Texas Ranger,



RIP Christine McVie… I remember Fleetwood Mac from the 80’s and I believe I have that record you mentioned… gotta check.
Don’t Stop was used in some presidential campaign if I don’t err… was it Obama or Hillary?

I read it yesterday… so sad… too early to leave and the song was epic! Irene had a strong voice! RIP :candle:

Somehow the era of 70’/80’s/90’ is disappearing bit by bit because of these artists are dying, although their music is staying… :sob:

The free spirited soul-body dancing just like Irene does and I lived will probably never come again… this is what rhythm does to you when you feel it… Irene has here lots of energy, dancing and singing! :dancer: - I do miss the good old times a lot!:sweat_smile:


I’ll never forget the ice breaking scene in Karate Kid II in which he appeared. Sadly not because of his nailing the cocky GI character which was memorable, but by Ralph Macchio’s cringe inducing acting (not helped by the terrible scripting) existing in the same scene that a drift of pigs couldn’t have hammed it up anymore. The cringe will not permit me to forget. :grimacing:


Yes @simi11 For sure “Rumours” album is a must-have for any Fleetwood Mac fan. I’m sure you own a copy- that album was a #1 best-seller when it was released. It was everywhere. And then it won Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards, so it got even more sales.

You remember correctly- “Don’t Stop” was used by 1992 Bill Clinton presidential campaign. (I had forgotten that until you jogged my memory)

Yes, I think you are right, unfortunately. This kind of singing and dancing is very rare these days. I’m sure these type of singers are still active, but they are not the people who are selling lots of records or very popular. It is too bad. Any type of dancing now has to be elaborately choreographed. I think many singers get criticised if they just “let the spirit move them.” I see comments about how “X can’t dance” or “it’s boring.” So those type of performers are rare now.


Yay, I found it, it’s dated 1977 it has a poster in it black/white pics and on the back lyrics and I must have bought it in 1979 when I was in London… it’s EMI Great Britain printed.

Sadly so true… and it looks stiff at times… in particular some Korean groups.
But I have my kitchen floor where I can freely move… yet would like find some “retro” music event with dancing :joy:


now wonder if it has a huge price tag, worth a bunch of money that is??


Yes, I agree, the dancing can look stiff at times. The K-pop Idol Groups sometimes they look so serious - I swear you can see the members counting in their heads. Nobody looks natural and often the moves don’t flow well. It is sad. When I first saw the K-pop groups, it reminded me of Motown groups, with the smooth choreographed moves and the co-ordinated costumes, but Motown never let the choreography get in the way of the singing. It was supplemental to the singing. I think the K-pop groups increasingly put the complex dancing at the front now ( for sure with live performances, anyway). It’s sad when they don’t seem to be able to enjoy themselves on stage.


:fallen_leaf:Kirstie Alley:fallen_leaf: