Annoying subtitles that bothers Me/Myself and I/ to see them here at this site


I really appreciate your input. Thank you… :hugs:

Hilarious subtitles I encountered in Chinese dramas (not modern) on another site that dares to offer better subtitles if I do an ‘‘upgrade’’ For real…

it’s YT tha offers movies/dramas for free to watch mainly Chinese


The drama’s female lead has a son and all throughout they are calling the child SEVEN TREASURES (I’m assuming they translated the child’s name from Chinese to English). It might be an AI translation bc it goes like this.

What you did to ***** and seven treasures you took YUKAN? from me and put on a play that blew up for me.

I have never seen before so much confusing translations as these ones. UGH!

Do you think that what you are doing is flawless?

without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect.
without any mistakes or shortcoming

My subtitle would be like this…
Do you think that what you did was right?

You make him think he was divorced. [Bad SUBtitle]

The right way since it’s a woman we’re talking about…

You Made her think that she was divorced.

If you had not told pops (yes, pops! lmao) the birth of the Bluedead

I CAN’T fix that mess since I have no idea what is bluedead.

If you didn’t suffer intentionally (who wants to suffer intentionally?lmao) it’s still in the storage location.

How does a raincoat know? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Why would you use it to stimulate the fish basket? (This could be a saying or idiom) nevertheless, incomprehensible to me.

If you have one last conscience, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Let him go (instead of let HER go) I’ll love him (instead of I’ll love her).

Let’s go! This was hilarious since the guy is really saying; LEAVE! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
It is *** ***'s life to have enough to eat.

Seven Treasure I’ll be my own child, too. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Seven Treasure will be like is my own child, too.

Maybe is Kismet??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Vomit my name… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Forget even my name. or TAKE my name out of your mouth? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This has been the worse translated drama, and the site should be ashamed to allow such atrocities as subtitles.

I am so glad you brought this up. This not only happened in this drama but it’s happening in quite a few of them lately. Whoever is in charge of going back and checking their work is not doing a great job at all. It’s an insult in my opinion to everyone who has worked on the project to bring it to us.

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but it’s happening in quite a few of them lately. Whoever is in charge of going back and checking their work is not doing a great job at all. It’s an insult in my opinion to everyone who has worked on the project to bring it to us.

Are you talking about the one’s on YouTube or here at RViki?

I worked recently on a Chinese drama where at times; it was an obvious literal translation, and it gave me such a hard time to fix it in my native language so it could make some sense to my Spanish viewers. I always skim/watch through the dramas/movies to recognize each characters, and get familiarize with the story, but some here don’t do that because they’re always running to their 10th project of the day. lol

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These subtitles I found on a site that weirdly enough had ‘‘subtitles brought to you by viki team…’’ in some of their oldies dramas I watched, but I no longer go to that site since I feel is not safe to go there and besides it was recommended by someone I know now can’t be trusted. I should have never trusted.

Did you investigate me in a secret?

It should be more or less like this; DID you secretly investigated me?

Maybe he owes you a grudge?

Instead of: Maybe he has a grudge against you? or Maybe he has something against you?

We are bust/ instead of: WE ARE BUSTED (never recommended by me, myself and I) it should have been; We have problems/ We got trapped/ We are in trouble.[Going according to the scene].

I don’t look for trouble instead of I’m not looking for trouble.

Save yourself! How can you tell an unconscious person Save yourself? You can say Please don’t die! or Stay alive!

Plug your ears :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: more like COVER YOUR EARS

The morality that creates guilt on your own is also learned. (can’t make sense of this one)


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Did you investigate me secretly? or Did you secretly investigate me?
investigated wouldn’t work.

This signifies presently not looking for trouble. Whereas “I don’t look for trouble” 's meaning is more encompassing.

‘Don’t go into the light!’ is what I would use.

You learn to feel guilty from your morality.

Did you investigate me secretly? or Did you secretly investigate me?
investigated wouldn’t work.

I should have added: So you did investigated me back then! Didn’t you?
But I usually don’t change the way the subbers add their sentence even if I feel that wasn’t the way the subtitle/sentence should have been written.

Since you didn’t see the movie you are not AWARE that the incident of INVESTIGATION had happened a long, long time ago, YEARS and years BACK.
But in the present time the guy had not done ANY INVESTIGATION; so that’s why I used INVESTIGATED instead of investigate.
I’ll give you a lesson for free about the TENSE and how they should be used in a sentence.

What tense is investigate?

|past tense |investigated|
|present tense||
they |investigate|
|he/she/it |investigates|
|present participle |investigating|
|past tense |investigated|
|past tense |investigated|

In this particular case I was watching the movie, and I never debate or change anything when the subtitles are in such terrible state since is coming from a poorly done subtitle translated from the Original language (in this case Korean). Sadly, I don’t know Korean or even care to learn the language.

This signifies presently not looking for trouble. Whereas “I don’t look for trouble” 's meaning is more encompassing.

This one was a PRESENT TENSE present tense||
|I/you/we/ situation in the movie so that clears that up pretty much.

I was wondering why you stopped working here as a volunteer subber 2 years ago since you seem to understand the mess in this sub;

The morality that creates guilt on your own is also learned.

You learn to feel guilty from your morality.

What’s stopping you from volunteering now? I’m curious to know since you have been here since 2013, and you already know the ‘‘ropes’’.

Did makes it past tense, making the sentence redundant. I removed ‘back then’ because they’re filler words. ‘So you investigated me back then!’ would work. ‘Did you investigate me secretly?’: I think it’s simple past. It would still be fine because investigation isn’t a momentary span of time like dropping a pen where you could say ‘You dropped this.’ or ‘You had dropped this’, but to say ‘You were dropping this’, would imply they were repeatedly dropping the pen in the past. If you’re looking for past progressive, then it would be: So you were investigating me back then!

‘don’t’ is the contraction for do not, which should be present tense. I don’t look for trouble would imply they’re the type of person that doesn’t go looking for trouble, whereas ‘I’m not looking for trouble’ implies that they’re currently not looking for trouble, leaving a possibility for the future, or the past.


I don’t like the bureaucracy. I wanted to do 500 subs to get QC back, but it’s a much bigger hurdle now than previously. I have to contact someone who has QC, who can be the moderator on the show/film that I want to sub on, wait for them to get back to me, then they’d have to request moderation role on the show/film, apply, wait to get approved, then add me on the team. That’s not all. This moderator might have to test if I know the language, lest their reputation tanks. The other option is to contact viki and wait (a couple of months?) for them to get back to me. The subs would stay up for a finite time, for a nonexistent audience.

I’d be willing to do some English editing, if I was recruited.

That’s not all. This moderator might have to test if I know the language, lest their reputation tanks.

You seemed to be very confident in the English language knowledge so; Why would you be concerned that they will test you?

What makes you doubt they won’t recruit you? All you have to do is put more effort into it.

I am having a bit difficulty trying to figure out what you mean by: ‘‘lest their reputation tanks.’’ (quote/unquote).
I’m curious to know its meaning since is the first time I encounter a line like that, and it’s good to learn new things just in case I ever see it somewhere else.

Good Luck. I hope you get recruited soon as an English Editor.

The potential subbing wouldn’t be in English. Also it’s not a concern as much as here is another thing that would add additional time. Ideally, everyone should be tested before they volunteer.


for fear that; so that (one) should not (used negatively to introduce a clause expressive of an action or occurrence requiring caution): He kept his notes by his side lest faulty memory lead him astray.

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lol I know lest (meaning), but their reputation tanks?

You haven’t answered yet, what ‘‘reputation tanks’’ means. That’s the part I tried to find, but I couldn’t.

You reminded me of worthyromance that gave me the info link of only the word job, and left out ‘‘produce a’’ job. Who doesn’t know what a job is?

Are you British by any chance? I don’t know why I thought you was from India. I must be confusing you with someone else.

I’m not British. I’m not from India either.

verb (used without object)

Slang. to do poorly or decline rapidly; fail: The movie tanked at the box office.

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I just saw this subtitle and had a good laugh

I’ll be get going now.

Terrible Spanish subtitles here at RViki.
Ella le dijo a mi madre a decirme entrar en el programa de audición, y fui

Porque le diré, la pregunta dice, “¿Quién es el más servicial para la conexión profesional?”

y eso también fue como conocía a Jackie Chan. Eso es cómo estoy aquí.

Así que te ayudarán conocer más gente y luego…sabe, la conexión.

Ella le dijo a mi madre a decirme entrar en el programa de audición, y fui


  • Mira a la cámera. ¿A qué cámera debe mirar?
    - ¿A qué cámera miro?

4 months ago

“Sabes, tal vez no lo va a trabajar.” Pero mi madre siempre es como, ''Ve por tus sueños, como, hagas, hagas, hagas." Es por eso pienso que estoy aquí.

Sabes, por lo general, los padres son como “Sabes, necesitas tener un plan alternativo. Debes asistir la escuela.”


  • Sí, su madre. Te amo también.

Tal vez mi madre. Amo a esa mujer. Pues…Ella…

Eso no sabía, muy chocante. 4 months ago

y me dijo que tengo que venir y jugar Starcraft para ganar la vida. Entonces hice, y todavía aquí hoy.

Wrote a subtitle](subber.viki.) in [Episode
4 months ago

y vino aquí porque tenía una novia coreana en eso tiempo
4 months ago

Porque si no fuera por ella, no habría presentarme en el programa de audición que me presentó,

Ella me enseñó a cantar y cómo mover en escena.

Porque le deciré, la pregunta dice, “¿Quién es él más ?”

For 3 years, and now again, this person was recruited in a SPANISH TEAM to add subtitles with terrible Quality in them. Tell me; Mr./Mrs. CEO’s/ Investors; WHY are they doing this to each and everyone of you who invest your hard earned money for this site? They complain so much of the lack of respect on your part, when they have no respect whatsoever to the real Authority and Owners of this site.

They have 9 additional SPANISH EDITORS. THE CM is a Spanish native speaker. Can you believe this things to have any NEED to continue happening here at RViki? To add in a team a person that doesn’t Qualify as a Spanish subber not bc he/she is from an Asian or some European country, but the fact that they are not proficient enough in the Spanish language.

I can’t believe this things continue to happen here, and is the most unfair situation a Spanish Native Speaker, Writer, and Reader, to have to go through so unfairly. Why the CEO’s are allowing disgraceful poor quality Spanish subtitles that for unknown reason to me, don’t get EDITED either? Is this done with all the malice in the world to cause bad reputation to RAKUTENviki?‘’ I suggest an investigation to get to the bottom of their real intentions and ulterior motives for this disgraceful action some volunteers are doing for a while now.*

It’s bad enough to see people from other foreign countries disrespecting my SPANISH language while they can be writing subtitles in their own native language or even the English Language which they seem to be more qualified to be writing subtitles, instead of the horrible Spanish subtitles Spanish viewers will have to see and deal with in dramas/Movies/Shows…here at RVIKI. no less!

Why is these so unfair things going on in here? Obviously; the controlling groups we have here who seemed to lack respect towards other people. I don’t know what it is to hate anyone or want to harm others from any other country, much less, want to disrespect any language like they do here so much to mine. REPORTING them gets nowhere which clearly indicates that this controlling system in the Spanish teams is bigger than what I ever imagined it was, but I can assure nothing in heaven or earth that deserves punishment, will go unpunished.

The HONOR of RVIKI company should be to pride themselves in Quality more than QUANTITY because: what good is to have large quantities of subtitles in dramas that are worthless to read (like the ones above and the ones I saved from 3 yrs. back). This was obviously done on purpose because they must know the poor quality this subber has in the Spanish language. Everyone involved here at RVIKI that recruits these people (volunteering as a subber in a language they really don’t know), should also face consequences of their actions when they allow such things to continue going on even NOW. They should not be able to work in any CM/Moderator position.

If an Armenian, Portuguese, any country/any person who wants to volunteer in a language (that is not their native language) it should be MANDATORY to be screened by native speakers of that specific language to guarantee a good QUALITY subtitle in dramas/movies/shows here at RVIKI, a company that should pride themselves in Quality more than anything else. IF any Moderator willingly keep these volunteers as subbers in their team (knowing they are going to write bad subtitles), they should no longer be able to be a CM/Moderator in any drama/movies/sho
ws since they have no respect for this site in the first place, and want to discredit our dear Rviki.

The Spanish doesn’t seem to flow. Is it a machine translation or someone just picking up the language and using it on viki? Or is it a person starting with a machine translation and changing a couple of words here and there not to get caught?

The first one seems to be “She told my mother to tell me to enter/(enroll in) the audition program and I went.”. I know there is a spanish verb for enroll, matricularse. Seems redundant even in English. Ir (fui) is the wrong verb right? Shouldn’t it be hacer or something else? The editors of any language should at least be proficient because even if the subbers are fluent, they’ll make some mistakes.

CEOs do not look at the small picture. They have workers to do that for them. Viki staff are the ones you should be directing these messages to.

Were these subs already edited or was it just the first subber? What happens when you talk to the CM or mods of the channels about sub quality? Do they all brush you off?

The real issue here is, that this is a matter of principles since they are basically betraying the trust the higher ups have given to each one of them. The CM has been around since 2013 with lots of experience working here in all levels as a volunteer, and she’s also very good in both; English and Spanish.

What’s her excuse? She can’t blame the Moderators or even the Editors even if she wanted to because she’s in charge of making sure her team members do the volunteer work to the best of their ability, and I’m hoping she had nothing to do with this since it could only mean one thing; that she was willing to betray the trust that the higher ups had given her, and in the worse way possible since the integrity of this site is at stake in here.

So that means that the Spanish Editors are wallflowers, then? (like the Chinese saying I learned from recently). NINE (9) Spanish Editors that btw, why a drama needs 9 Spanish Editors? The CM alone could very easily have done the work of 6 of them (not that I’m saying she should have) But if she wanted to, she could have bc of her great skills, and she wouldn’t have a problem multitasking since she’s good at that, too. That’s how good I know her.

Also, and to be fair, it makes no sense to me for any EDITOR to be stressing themselves so much with such nasty, horrible Spanish subtitles just because this one person that has NO BUSINESS writing Spanish subtitles insist on working as a Spanish subber. The Spanish this individual may know is at most at; ELEMENTARY LEVEL, not even Middle School/High School.

ilikedeadclownsCEOs do not look at the small picture.

I don’t agree with you on that because is the small picture/ the little things they pay attention to, what makes them successful in their Business.

Would you add a ‘‘slang’’ like…

“Fo’ Shizzle my Nizzle”

in a subtitle; just because is a popular made catch up phrase/ slang by rapper Snoop Dogg?

Do you know what it means?

Let’s hint to you that; is used to express affirmation in a playful way.

BUT sadly, it cost a female reporter her job when she repeated the phrase during the news hour.

If she was a man…better yet, I ask myself: the male reporter sitting next to her would HE have been fired like she was so unfairly just for saying the catchupphrase?

This world and words are becoming a battlefield where you sometimes wonder…How far will this whole world of words war will go on?

Netflix and Prime are currently plastering their subtitles with slangs, curse words, swearing, and painfully for religious conscious people a blasphemy against GOD.. I had not noticed this before because I rarely watch romantic young people dramas or movies, but recently I watched a few and in me, myself and I opinion, these nasty offensive words included in the subs. are the ugliest thing to have to see as a viewer. I will definitely file a complain.

Think about it, they are ‘‘cursing’’ a GOD they don’t even believe in!. I see this curse more often than not, in many Chinese and Japanese dramas/movies, and is really disappointing because I love watching some Japanese and Chinese dramas/movies, and don’t want to stop doing that over this issue. Do not be confused; I don’t watch Japanese Manga or anime (which I know most are so full of curses). I tried watching a few with my grandkids to have a form of conversation with them, but I drew the line, and hopefully I also convince them to stop watching them.

Japanese Documentaries are full of love messages of helping one another, and creating ways to improve a healthy way of eating, living, and surviving through so many adversities they may be faced with through endless Earthquakes, Tsunamis and other natural disasters (like it also happens in all parts of the world).

Regarding Chinese dramas I love the fantasy ones they make that have amazing special effects that seem so real, and I really love those, but lately they are making me laugh so much like when I saw the word SEDAN instead of the word Palanquin (when they asked the Princess to get in so they could transport her to the Palace). They also have the King saying What’s up? or My bad…(these words/ subs I have seen on NTFX and Prime too). I’m guessing they are using now a younger age subbers that don’t know any better. It’s a shame they don’t EDIT those things out.


It’s highly inappropriate because she doesn’t present as a black individual. Even if she was a black man, it would be inappropriate. A black man likely wouldn’t be fired over saying it but any other kind of man would.

She’s not too bright to say things without knowing what the words actually mean. Hopefully she learns her lesson.

Are they actually using the curse phrase in their language or is it due to subtitle localization?

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I guess you take your user name way too seriously, and can’t laugh even when some of my comments/writings are intended for that because at that moment the first thing that came into my head when I saw the word SEDAN in the subtitle was this… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It may have different meaning for different people in the world, but for Snoop Dogg who has made that ‘‘catchupphrase’’ very popular now; it really means…

fo shizzle my nizzle

[ foh shiz-uhl muh niz-uhl ]

Published January 30, 2020


Fo shizzle my nizzle is a slang way to say “for sure, my friend.” It was popularized as a catchphrase of the rapper Snoop Dogg and is meant as a playful way to express affirmation.

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