Any Doctor here?

hello people
I’m subbing now Emergency couple from English to Arabic but i keep facing problem with the medical phrases. I would be thankful of any of you can tell me what a doctor mean when he tell the Nurse to bag a patient or when a nurse say to page a doc.
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I’m not a doctor, but I get stuck with medical terms in my job sometimes. Here are some links that may come in handy. Wikipedia is useful too, but you have to be careful with it, it’s not always accurate.

القاموس الطبي

قاموس المعاني

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I’m not a doctor or a nurse, but does “bag a patient” mean to put some sort of breathing apparatus on a patient like an ambu bag? Or is the doctor asking the nurse to put the patient in a body bag? LOL! Paging a doctor means to call a doctor or get in touch with a doctor.

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thnx a lot. i thought the same as you but i needed another opinion

thnx a lot i think those will be helpful for me

Page a doctor:
In most hospitals, doctors have to carry a pager (beeper) so they can be contacted, especially when they are on call. Nowadays, most people carry a cell phone but in some areas of the hospital, you may not get a cell signal and in other areas cell phones are not allowed since the cell signal could potentially interfere with other medical devices.

Bag could be ambu bag or a body bag but the best thing to do is to pose your question to the Team Discussion section of Emergency Couple so the English subber or editor can answer your question.

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lol i cracked with the body bag…

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Bag the patient means give “Rescue breathing” that’s how you call it in medical perspective. To page a doctor simply means to call the doctor for help.

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a really good answer. thnx a lot.

okay thnx for the help