Any "veterans" of the Flower Power Revolution?

Sometimes, only sometimes old memories start to surface, when it seems the same old problems start to pain the volunteers again.
And I recall a time, when the community spirit was pretty lively. But at times I felt like in a day or two, this scenario could happen:

Sorry the community you are looking for is no longer available, why not try a different one?

This is an old post of mine I did five years ago and I wonder … How much of it is still relevant?

Today I have a lot of mixed emotions about Viki.

Of course it is naturally that you want to trust, if it were possible the world and not only Viki.

If I wouldn’t have been one of those who were asking about the function of subtitle locking and Super Segmenter, now Power Segmenter, when they disappeared, then it might not feel that something is amiss.

And if I wouldn’t have been a beta-tester, and haven’t seen the Power Segmenter badge there already. And if Viki hadn’t brought them so soon after the community is a “bit” in an uproar, then I might feel less like I am a spoiled kid, whose favorite chocolate lies in front but I don’t want to eat - just as a matter of principle. I call myself ungrateful, hard to please and way to sceptical but to resolve all doubt, or to dispel the tiredness of the past months I have to admit - it’s not enough for me.

Because the reason what made me tired was not the lack or fail of functions.

The reason for me still not being able to rejoice lies deeper and is way to obvious. It might be a given that you will get tired of giving feedback or making requests and suggestions, if the feedback you are given becomes platitudes.

When you start to believe all sweet words that you are reading are maculation.

And when words like, we will forward this request to our engineers, it’s like your message shapeshifts into a ghost train heading into a tunnel, never to be seen or heard of again.

Waste of time, effort, etc. …

P.S.: I am not denying that some suggestions or corrections I thought of, were made by Viki, but it’s those moments that you stumble upon it at Viki per accident. Those moments when long-awaited teasingly held carrots magically turn into “rabbits out of a hat” right under your nose and you can’t tell, if this was taken from your feedback or if it was done without. Still you will be repeatedly been addressed as a valuable contributor …

Wow, it has been this long, but it somehow feels like yesterday.

But what did I mean with this sentence?
If I wouldn’t have been one of those who were asking about the function of subtitle locking and Super Segmenter, now Power Segmenter, when they disappeared, then it might not feel that something is amiss.

Haha, what did I want to express? Ah, the functions must have gone, I think, but there was so much trouble at that time, so many things happening …

How is your rememberance of 2011-2012 at viki?

@umno If you are still out there, I am sorry that back in 2013, I did not comment back for whatever reason, but as you see some things will not disappear.

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I remember when the subtitle lock suddenly disappeared for several weeks. And then subtitles were often messed up accidentally or on purpose – being overwritten in other languages, Invaded by people who would add or subtract a space, and then horrors, when the subtitles on an episode which was completely subbed in English and two other languages of one of the hardest K dramas ever to subtitle were deleted by a dumb new moderator who had overwritten some of the English and wanted to remove her own work – she removed about 200 segments despite several of us posting in Team Discussion and pm ing her. The engineers put the subtitle lock back within 48 hours but also made it impossible for anyone to delete any segment which had any subtitle in any language be deleted by anyone but the channel manager and the all-language modertor.
And I do remember when power segmenter status disappeared but almost immediately we were assured it would be returned. What they did was instead of it being immediately conferred when you hit the required number of subs, you only get the status now by reaching the designated number of subs and being nominated.
What has happened with responsiveness to suggestions from the volunteers has slowed down because although the volunteer numbers have grown huge, the number of community support staff although larger than the “good old days” is not proportionate to the growth in the number of volunteers.

I am so glad you remember, I only remembered the chaos and as “a subber” at that time, well still kind of only doing this, I could not be of much help. Other then being around here and there. I recall that we would jump from one channel to the next to at least keep the comments of the viewers civil, as back then deleting was not possible, or let’s say in the speed and amount of the comments showing up you couldn’t react.

That was it, now I finally understand my own writing from back then. Isn’t it kind of “funny” that the problems back then, aren’t not too far from the problems today?

I remember, when we we were hopping into an episode and would write into subs to stop subbers, who were for two things wrong, their own language and not aware that there was already someone writing the subs, so one translation was overwritten by the other.

Those days, do you remember the stop signs, at the channels so people would not run the video, so the seggers would have a chance to contribute, because the server were crashing, when too many tried to watch at once?

And pretty much of all the large contributors would add flowers to their profil picture as a sign of solidarity?

And we got some point we got viki’s attention and even some improvements. Was it Michael (We still get to see the dog (Hammy, or so?) with the error sign)? From then on there was a good exchange I thought from viki and volunteers and about a year later or more it went worse again.

I still think at least for on-air channels there should be something like an emergency contact at viki …

I found an old PM in my inbox about the Flower Power Movement

over 9 years ago
Unknown User

Hi dear Flower :heart:

Letting you know everything you have to know about Flower Power Movement =)


1/ PLEASE PM every important contributors & friends you know, make ALWAYS your pm private =)
GIve them this link =>>
Not the WTHS channel link ^^, we’re trying as much as possible to not buzz our channels =)

If They Turn in Flower they have to ABSOLUTELY let a post on the Topic for me to add their name.
After they agree PM them what I just pmed you, I can’t possibly pm everyone after the start of the Massive-pming.YOu’re already 40 so please do it on my behalf, It just Impossible for me, if tomorrow we’re 60/80 to pm everyone about that=)
Please make this pm private to them too =)
Should They pm people they know too & continue the movement =) A chain in other words =)

Being secretive is the Key of our movement =)

2/ About the date, I said 11th but I changed it to 12th^^
I’m not here the 9 &10th, so if the movement start the 11 I won’t have time to organize the last point or issue which have may be appeared, and everything will may be turn in a mess.So when we do a movement, everything need to be clear or clean, if not we will turn in a laughing-stock.

3/ The D-Day :heart:

Please even if you put a flower on your avatar, this day & until we have a reply from viikii, even if it’s hard for you let down your avatar & change it on the FPower, change it to it :heart:.
It’s really important, because not everyone will notice your flowers on your pic, but this avatar everyone is already noticing it & your intentions will be clear :heart: 0 :heart:

Please, the d-day,If you manage channel change the channel flower to this avatar too until the end of the movement .
You can put the banners if you want, on the main page if you want ^^

The videos of the FP =D
I wil add a video on my account