Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


Navillera, thisa is what I am talking about.


Purple is the color for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Awareness 💜😔💜 I am asking everyone to put this on your page… I am pretty sure I know the ones who will. Think of someone you know or love who had or has Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Prayers for all 🙏 Please Pray for them and their caregivers

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I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone.

and again is this ok to put on here??


Episode 19 only gets interesting at the end, but worth the boring start and going in circle kdrama syndrome; bc the end cliffhanger makes up for it.


well guys I am "roughing " it this evening, electricity went off, guys next door was kind enouygh to help me with electric cord, they hooked me up to theirs, now YEAAAA canm watch episode 19 this evening and 20 tomorrow!


I though bad weather was only by us. A lot of outage thank goodness not by me either since I hate darkness.


I am doing fine, did watch episode 19, wow awesome. got a good hook up with neighbors.


I am traveling home tomorrow and will watch Vincenzo tomorrow evening! So Long FAREWELL to my favorite PJs

This thread is ENDING SADLY so yes! Please go post that on the Navillera thread I made. My hair is purple and it’s my fav color so post away.


You are so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors, and I’m so happy for you. If you can afford it maybe is time to get a generator to be safer. Also, guarantee you won’t miss K dramas fave episodes.


So I just got home so I am not reading anything that might spoil it for me!

Please leave this thread with your Vote of 1-10.

Did you think Vincenzo was a “10”? I currently still have it as my #2 after Goblin.


Of course he got a 10 on Vincenzo [(My OK Boy too)] just like with [Innocent Man] SJK did a fantastic job in his role. I loved that one (IM) more than this one though bc the couple had so much chemistry and the story flowed so well. I hope you watch that one too.

PS. MY #1 from SJK was



I’m bawling Eps 19…my heart just hurts!!! My love my love my baby love - Baby Babel

On to Eps 20


Prepare to cry with pain in your heart too; even for the baddy ones. I did and still feeling sad.


I was hyper-ventilating like Goblin I had to pause - this is going to stay my #2 I know it


angelight, I alsofinished episode 20, wow what a dissapointment, and that last pict. just like thomas in that missing the other side, stared at the camera. oh my goodness, how spooky was that!

of course I will vote a 10, this was an awesome drama flaws and all!,


It was good but too many deaths and the one’s staying alive, don’t even get to stay together!



I LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Except for my BABY LOVE! The kiss was PERFECTION! Song Joong Ki -

It’s all 10 in my book! Maybe an 11

I was surprised at the brutality’s and that was allowed it was pretty brutal at the end.

I knew all along my BABY BABEL was good and SMART so SMART he gave up his life! Should have had a memorial for him! I loved his character!

Have to admit I was RIGHT about him and he was one of my favorite characters. I love you Baby Babel in Memorial.


Good Bye Vincenzo!!! I WILL MISS YOU
But I have been changed for the better - because I knew you! I have been changed for GOOD

I think there is a SEASON 2 - What do you think???


Is good to see them so happy. We’ll miss seeing them on sat/sun. What you feel about the kiss? A lot of commenters were furious they kissed. I wonder; why?


[quote=“angelight313_168, post:460, topic:36201”]
furious they kissed.

**WE were sitting on the couch[spoiler] going "kiss her, kiss her, kiss her" I was so Happy![/spoiler] I thought it was perfect.

I want to see OK happy - again! I was so sad to see how EVIL he was he did such a good job.


His death (OK) was so cruel I had to cry to release the impression of that scene, when he begged him to shoot him and the crow ate him while still alive. I think there were too many needless death in that drama. The naive brother had no need to die. that’s why I was pissed

WATCH at your own risk. Many spoilers included


ummm…I’m a young 'un😂
and purple hearts are signs of BTS fans…if I put them on my page I’ll be plagued by the wrong people :flushed: ahhh the changing times and meanings