Come and Watch and Discuss "Navillera" with Song Kang - WITH US!


We have a few people who WANT to watch or are CURRENTLY watching or have Already Watched Navillera! I understand we might need some Tissue -

Let’s START Monday, May 3rd and plan to watch a Couple of Episodes a week so we can Discuss!

Song Kang learned ballet for this drama! (Went the EXTRA mile)

Song Kang and Park In-Hwan


(Photos CTTO) Not promoting another streaming service just discussing a good DRAMA

Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki
Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki

Let’s say “learned to fake knowing how to dance ballet so that, with the help of careful editing, it may look as if he is really doing it”. Just like in Angel’s Last Mission:love.
To learn ballet you need at least 10 years.


Oh I know, I just admire these actors that take that EXTRA mile and LEARN something new. I was going to re-join BALLET in high school. I’m only 5’1" but they told me I could do it/but the rehearsal and time it would have taken me to get back into it - I decided not to!

Admiration for the EXTRA MILE

I am a HUGE Baryshnikov fan - I saw him dance a long while ago with a CHAIR it was beautiful.


Oh then you should watch Nureyev dancing with Miss Piggy! It was called Swine Lake.

All these guys were inspired by Fred Astaire dancing with a hat rack:


I can’t wait to see the dancing in Navillera! See you guys Monday! I’ll be starting Eps 1!


Just finished the last episode. Beautiful drama. Beautiful story. Great casting as well. Will miss these characters. Not a huge crier, but this drama got me several times in multiple episodes.

You all will definitely enjoy it!


Feel free to chime in once we start watching. Probably a couple episodes a week.


its finished, y’all can have a bing watching or watch 4 a day. beautiful ending, y;all will really love it.


Starting Monday We will Watch 3 Episodes a Week - Feel free to chime in - Just BLUR your spoilers!


You can post comments after you watch an Eps (just blur your spoilers)

I have started Eps 1. The little man is PRECIOUS and Song Kang looks really good sweaty and leaping and in tights! Just Saying - but I can already tell its gonna be a tissue drama

30 min in and I have already gotten teary! I’m in trouble



Ok - Already cried like 4 times in Eps 1. The cinematography is awesome and the angsty side of it and mood. This is going to be a REALLY good story! I love it already. I could binge it but I won’t cuz my heart can’t take it. And by the way Song Kang is GORGEOUS!


I haven’t watched this series huhuhuhu I’ll catch soooooon. Thanks for this thread!


@kdrama2020ali, forget the tissues, you will need paper towels for this drama.:wink: Yes, Song Kang is gorgeous in this.


Is it on Viki? Navillera? Anyway, the premise sounds weird but fun: A young guy and this old codger decide to train together in order to become ballerinos. I’d watch that, if only for the novelty of it.


Nope - unfortunately

The story is about “missed chances” “not going after your dreams” I love the little old man already! And I think that Song Kang and him are going to have a beautiful friendship I can’t wait.


I love Song Kang!
I cried already almost through the whole 1st Eps. Oh No! I need stock in Kleenex


The choreographer who was in charge of coaching the ballet to the two actors explained that Song Kang had excellent flexibility, jumping ability, and acquisition skills.

So interesting so see that they learned ballet for about 6 months. Song Kang focused on the LINES and how his body looked. And it looks - So Good.

Beautifully filmed with him and doubles. I can’t wait to see more


My daughter had perform with a local ballet company when she was younger so I used to watch many rehearsals and ballet performances with wonder and envy. I think I had posted in another thread that watching Navillera felt like I was watching a story about myself and my daughter.


Part of my tears is the fact that I LOVE BALLET! I usually go to see LIVE the Nutcracker each year when I was able to see a LIVE orchestra with it. I have seen the Russian Ballet and a primo-ballerina from NY City. I wanted so badly to dance. I’m really SHORT. His beautiful long arms and legs make his moves look beautiful I’m glad he took the time to study how his body composition looked.


My daughter performed in the “Nutcracker” for 7 years, 5 as one of the “party girls”, once as Clara, and in the Corps. with the ballet company members for the last year. Her twin brother also performed for 3 years as one of the “party boys”. All three of my kids belonged to their school orchestras and a community orchestra and it wasn’t unusual for the orchestras to play the Nutcracker Suite for their holiday performances. Needless to say, I listened to the Nutcracker Suite a lot.