Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


@kdrama2020ali found the equivalent of the ratings in this article :heart_eyes:

I was surpised how many viewers watched last night!

and of course, Netflix subscribers are not included here


ok, didn’t know that !!


why not? I am a subscriber!!


I will be off here for a few days due to electricity problem

oh yeah forgot, our “evil” guy the one we love, Is going to go onto another drama.

I will miss y’asll next few days, can email me if you like


3.8 Million Viewers! CRAZY!


I am completely in MOURNING! I did not wanna get outta bed - well it’s raining and thundering so why not stay in bed. Its 11 am here!. I am so SAD about my Baby Babel - I hate when I lose a character I love so much!

Today starting Navarrila Episode 1

Hop on over to our new THREAD - I guess this one is REALLY just CLOSING OUT!

Good Bye Vincenzo we LOVED you! And your PJs and the ENTIRE cast! Including my Baby Babel


Parts of the Netflix - World, except North-America and SK, are only able to see the series from now on onwards.


I just finished watching the final episodes and I loved it!

The villains got what they deserved in a horrible way. I must admit that I was shocked by Choi Myung Hee’s death. He really made her dance.

It was difficult to watch the death of my favourite character. I was so sad and furious. I thought it would be a good end for him to become the real CEO and lead Babel like he wanted.

About the kiss at the end, I think it was irrelevant because the love story is neglected all along the drama.


Thank you! He’s so beautiful. My BABY my BABY I am still in mourning! Also my favorite.



I knew all along that he was sweet and SMART! The watch thing made me crazy! I loved him so much! U posted his picture now I’m gonna go cry for a while.


I need a new drama with him to get over his death.



Let me know when you find one! And he is so HANDSOME!


If your going to watch "Navillera" with us I’m really excited to start a new discussion! Might not be as DARK and exciting as Vincenzo but more a caring, tearful show. But I love Song Kang.



He had to die bc if not, he would spend the rest of his life in jail like young CEO Vincenzo lover boy was (crying) at the end.

He was involved in the making of a medicine that killed so many patients, and he knew all the killing activities and he never stopped them so he was involved in criminal activity also.

Well, I can say I didn’t enjoy one bit all that revenge thing at the end by Vincenzo bc it seems SK police/justice system, is not honest enough to keep criminals behind bars if they have money and can pay their way out.

So we have a vigilante Vincenzo part 2? Is the Italian Mafia coming to SK to enforce justice? That’ would be so funny and pointless bc I would never again watch dramas that are like that. [Dark Hole] is on the edge. [Taxi Driver] is different since the criminal get punished by the justice system besides the guy kicking ass*** to evil ppl. so there is a balance there. But some stuff are still hard to stomach.

I need SJK to do the Arthal Chronicle part 3 it’s so unfair we have to be waiting so much to see the ending of that series.


I don’t think he was complicit but I would have to go back and look and see if he knew what was going on at the time or how they would have worked that. He was so used. I was expecting him to be good and take over and make Babel Good like @mas4

I’m sorry you didn’t like the end! That’s why it is so good to have such a variety of different opinions and watchers.

PS - On a side note: I am loving **_Navillera already - I have already cried 30 min in! It is very angsty and beautiful but I love ballet.


You must have forgotten the beginning already, and all his involvement and complicity in the case. He was the CEO of that corrupted company making a medicine that instead of healing ppl was killing them. His brother; the real CEO was in hiding, and no matter what, in a court of law the accomplice is as guilty as the one who commits the crime. They will get the same life sentence, and in some cases if he confessed and testified against them it would only bury him under bc he can’t denied how much involvement he had innocent ppl, workers, died just so he could cover up the wrongdoings from his company. He was doomed from the get go . He needs a ML role.


For me - in the show - redeemable cuz it’s a show - but he was one of my favorite characters because of his sweet, smart qualities that he worked hard on to become good - he even said when he died that he finally did something good. I love him! Can’t help it. Yes he does need a ML.


You might wanna watch Love in The Moonlight if you haven’t already…he’s amazing in that one too. He’s an incredibly handsome ninja-ish warrior guy and the Crown Prince’s best friend. He’s SML but not interested in the FL, so THAT’S refreshing! And don’t worry, he stays alive to the end. (I blurred out his fate because some might think it’s a spoiler.)


Why is he so beautiful! This needs to go on my Ninja thread! He was in Love in the Moonlight with PBG?


Yes! :heart_eyes: I loved his character! He had to make some really difficult decisions, I’m glad he made the right choices! He’ll make you cry and laugh.