Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


angelight, I alsofinished episode 20, wow what a dissapointment, and that last pict. just like thomas in that missing the other side, stared at the camera. oh my goodness, how spooky was that!

of course I will vote a 10, this was an awesome drama flaws and all!,


It was good but too many deaths and the one’s staying alive, don’t even get to stay together!



I LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Except for my BABY LOVE! The kiss was PERFECTION! Song Joong Ki -

It’s all 10 in my book! Maybe an 11

I was surprised at the brutality’s and that was allowed it was pretty brutal at the end.

I knew all along my BABY BABEL was good and SMART so SMART he gave up his life! Should have had a memorial for him! I loved his character!

Have to admit I was RIGHT about him and he was one of my favorite characters. I love you Baby Babel in Memorial.


Good Bye Vincenzo!!! I WILL MISS YOU
But I have been changed for the better - because I knew you! I have been changed for GOOD

I think there is a SEASON 2 - What do you think???


Is good to see them so happy. We’ll miss seeing them on sat/sun. What you feel about the kiss? A lot of commenters were furious they kissed. I wonder; why?


[quote=“angelight313_168, post:460, topic:36201”]
furious they kissed.

**WE were sitting on the couch[spoiler] going "kiss her, kiss her, kiss her" I was so Happy![/spoiler] I thought it was perfect.

I want to see OK happy - again! I was so sad to see how EVIL he was he did such a good job.


His death (OK) was so cruel I had to cry to release the impression of that scene, when he begged him to shoot him and the crow ate him while still alive. I think there were too many needless death in that drama. The naive brother had no need to die. that’s why I was pissed

WATCH at your own risk. Many spoilers included


ummm…I’m a young 'un😂
and purple hearts are signs of BTS fans…if I put them on my page I’ll be plagued by the wrong people :flushed: ahhh the changing times and meanings


Oh I thought we could put them on the Navillera thread


@angelight313_168 Maybe because they’re jealous haha


@kdrama2020ali found the equivalent of the ratings in this article :heart_eyes:

I was surpised how many viewers watched last night!

and of course, Netflix subscribers are not included here


ok, didn’t know that !!


why not? I am a subscriber!!


I will be off here for a few days due to electricity problem

oh yeah forgot, our “evil” guy the one we love, Is going to go onto another drama.

I will miss y’asll next few days, can email me if you like


3.8 Million Viewers! CRAZY!


I am completely in MOURNING! I did not wanna get outta bed - well it’s raining and thundering so why not stay in bed. Its 11 am here!. I am so SAD about my Baby Babel - I hate when I lose a character I love so much!

Today starting Navarrila Episode 1

Hop on over to our new THREAD - I guess this one is REALLY just CLOSING OUT!

Good Bye Vincenzo we LOVED you! And your PJs and the ENTIRE cast! Including my Baby Babel


Parts of the Netflix - World, except North-America and SK, are only able to see the series from now on onwards.


I just finished watching the final episodes and I loved it!

The villains got what they deserved in a horrible way. I must admit that I was shocked by Choi Myung Hee’s death. He really made her dance.

It was difficult to watch the death of my favourite character. I was so sad and furious. I thought it would be a good end for him to become the real CEO and lead Babel like he wanted.

About the kiss at the end, I think it was irrelevant because the love story is neglected all along the drama.


Thank you! He’s so beautiful. My BABY my BABY I am still in mourning! Also my favorite.



I knew all along that he was sweet and SMART! The watch thing made me crazy! I loved him so much! U posted his picture now I’m gonna go cry for a while.